Staffy building on-demand hospitality workforce with its mobile app

StaffyImagine running a restaurant or bar, and right before it starts getting busy on a Friday evening, your best waiter calls in sick.

That’s where StaffyÊone of the latest pitches on The Disruptors, comes in. Staffy has created an online marketplace that connects businesses with skilled workers in the hospitality industry. When businesses need a last-minute bartender or dishwasher, users can visit Staffy’s app, indicate the type of position they want to fill, and provide information on where and when they need staff for. Once they’ve listed their need, Staffy will send somebody to the business within 90 minutes.

Staffy’s founder Peter Faist said the company is a disruptor because it serves two separate markets. ÒFirstly, we disrupt the hospitality industry by providing on-demand staff,Ó said Mr Faist. ÒSecondly, we’re disrupting the staffing industry because they typically charge a lot and pay very poorly. We are the opposite. We pay well and we charge less.Ó

Co-host Bruce Croxon said while Staffy has competitors like AskforTask and Jiffy, the company is unique as it addresses two different needs.

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ÒThis is a good one,Ó saidÊMrÊCroxon. ÒWhy wouldn’t you sign up for that if you were looking to make some extra bucks? And why wouldn’t you use them if you needed somebody?Ó

Faist said Staffy plans to expand to Montreal, Calgary, and New York in the coming months, and in the long-term, he hopes Staffy will expand throughout North America, and eventually into Europe.

By Amira Zubairi from Canadian Start-up News & Tech Innovation

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