Monopoly Hotels & Resorts launches alternative to a hotel franchise - Insights

Monopoly Hotels & Resorts launches alternative to a hotel franchise

monopoly-hotels-logoMonopoly Hotels & Resorts, Limited, has announced they are launching the company’s new Monopoly Global Alliance Program.

The company is based in London, and offers an annual subscription, inviting membership enrollment of three, four, and five star – independent hotels and national hotel groups worldwide.

The offering includes the Monopoly ResNet Central Reservations System powered by Sabre Hospitality Solutions, and a la carte support services to hotels who become part of the alliance but keep their own identity and operating independence.

The VIP Guest Loyalty Program gives guests immediate recognition, upgrades, reciprocal privileges, special offers, value and savings beyond the standard traditional hotel loyalty program. It was created to give guests value, while building revenue, true guest loyalty and profit for the hotels.

Monopoly Hotels & Resorts will not dictate brand standards to its hotel members and places value on local flavour, unique style and personal attention to guests needs.

“The launch of Monopoly Hotels & Resort – Alliance Program is an important step towards realizing the needs of independent hotels and national hotel groups and is a platform where hotels can compete with global hotel chains,” said John Mavrak, CEO, Monopoly Hotels & Resorts. “The Monopoly Alliance is expected to grow rapidly through annual membership subscriptions,”with hoteliers looking for other options to a high cost and restrictive franchise.”

The hospitality industry has recently undergone huge changes and there are many new challenges for hotels operating alone.

Monopoly Hotels and Resorts is established to bring together a global alliance of hotels and clubs, with multiple travel, leisure, and support service affiliates that encompass their business generation and operational support needs.

“Hotels, resorts, inns, residences, and all types of clubs worldwide are welcome to join by subscribing online at Interested properties please contact us,” concluded Mavrak.


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