'Book Halal Homes' launched in London to serve Muslim travellers - Insights

‘Book Halal Homes’ launched in London to serve Muslim travellers

Book Halal
Karima Bihaki, founder and CEO of Book Halal Home

The London-based newest player in the peer-to-peer rental accommodation market has launched their Halal specialty portal to reach 1.8 billion Muslim consumers across the globe.

The website – Bookhalalhomes.com is the first of its kind platform to provide a community-driven services for Muslim travellers who are looking for Halal options for accommodations for short and long stays. The halal tourism market, once seen as a niche revenue stream and limited to those travelling to Saudi Arabia for the annual Hajj pilgrimage, is widening to cater to those who travel worldwide for business and leisure.

The company has plans to establish bases Dubai and Kuala Lumpur as their Middle East and South East Asia headquarters during the second leg of their expansion by the end of 2017.

Ms. Karima Bihaki, founder and CEO of Book Halal Homes said: “Why Dubai? We see Dubai as a hub of the highest potential region for us. Following the launch of ‘Dubai The Capital of Islamic Economy’ project under the visionary command of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai has become the magnet for Halal investments.”

According to “Halal Travel 2016” study, commissioned by a travel tech provider Amadeus Gulf , launched at the Arabian Travel Market exhibition held recently in Dubai, reported that Halal travellers highlight three core themes that span the key drivers of travel: cultural experiences, accommodation needs, and activity preferences.

By 2020, the study forecasts, Halal tourism numbers are expected to hit 150 million in travellers volume and collectively spend an estimated $200bn. Amadeus ‘ report unveils the way ahead for the travel industry to cater for this growing traveller segment.

Solo travellers and business travellers are also catered for; solo travellers can look for a halal friendly travel buddy to accompany them and business travellers have the option to look for halal friendly workplace environments.

Hosts who list their accommodations on Bookhalalhomes.com are not real estate agents or travel agencies, just average people who have unused spaces or underused assets to offer to travellers from the Muslim community who are looking for halal holiday options.

Karima started this online community platform after recognising that there was a need for more Muslim friendly holiday accommodations. As someone who, for many years, hosted guests in her own home and rented out short-term accommodations whilst travelling with her family or for business, she wanted to contribute to the Islamic travel market in particular, and Islamic economy in general.

When asked in a media interview what led her to set up Book Halal Homes, she answered: “As a Muslim woman, I feel safer, more myself, and enjoy my time away more when staying in a private home as opposed to a packed noisy hotel.

Book Halal Homes listed accommodations are required to fulfill certain criteria and have on offer: halal food, non-alcoholic drinks, non smoking areas, private pool and spa, prayer facilities on site, leisure facilities for traveling men, women or families and business facilities for business travellers.

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