Worldhotels unveils strategic initiatives for 2016 - Insights

Worldhotels unveils strategic initiatives for 2016

worldhotels-logoWorldhotels has announced a detailed outlook on the group’s three core strategic initiatives for the year 2016 during its annual conference held in Hamburg. The overarching concept for 2016, “Tell your Story,” was also introduced to over 300 participating hoteliers who were hosted at the Grand Elysee Hamburg, one of Worldhotels’ 450 affiliate hotels.

2016’s three strategic initiatives were centered on opportunities that enable affiliate hotels to better position themselves to the rest of the world:

  • ‘Start with Why’: With the first initiative ‘Start with Why’, Worldhotels encourages all affiliate hotels to go through a rigorous process of discovering the hotel’s core underlying distinctions and to tell their personal story to the rest of the world. This is done through honing in on key aspects that makes each hotel distinct and unique and uncovering a story that beckons to be told. This narrative could stem from the hotel’s architecture, an anecdote from a long-time staff or even historical facets of the hotel
  • World Online: As the world evolves and shifts online, it has become vital for hotels to develop cost effective online solutions, and digital sales and marketing strategies to better attract the masses primarily, operating on the World Wide Web. World Online represents a clear and effective digital marketing strategy to help maximise direct online revenue and minimise cost with the assistance and services of Worldhotels’ partners: Nsight, a rate and revenue management company and TrustYou, a reputation management company.
  • The Co-operative: For 2016, Worldhotels has set aside a fund to support affiliate hotels that are willing to invest in select co-operative sales and marketing initiatives. This initiative aims to group hotels that function similarly and can be classified under the same umbrella to receive Worldhotels’ support both financial and advisory, under the banner of “Stronger Together”.

Besides these three core strategies for 2016, two new programmes: World Luxury and The Worldhotels Nin Hao Guest Programme were also introduced during the conference in Hamburg. World Luxury represents an initiative that supports individual luxury properties targeting travellers who perpetually indulge in affluent opulence and seeks the most experiential of moments. The Worldhotels Nin Hao Guest Programme aids hotels in establishing a better understanding of Chinese culture and travellers and allows hoteliers to enhance services and offerings to suit this audience and cater to this ever expanding market.

Every year, the eagerly anticipated Worldhotels’ annual conference is held at a different location and kicks off the new business season. This year saw over 350 hoteliers, sales representatives and industry experts from all over the world participate at the event. Established in 1971, the conference is an institution for Worldhotels and has been so for over 45 years. Not only does it provide hoteliers with global market travel industry updates and insights into market trends, the assembly also offers participants an opportune place and time to network with industry professionals and fellow peers from Worldhotels.

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