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Virtual Hospitality Expo seeks speakers


The Virtual Hospitality Expo, slated to run live online on February 23-24, 2016 is seeking two speakers from the hotel industry to do a live webinar. The webinar will be recorded and available to attendees for an additional ninety days that the event will be in the “on demand” status.

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Virtual Hospitality Expo 2016

“We are seeking qualified industry personnel who can present subject matter to all attendees, not only those from the hotel or motel industry since the expo will also be attended by people from RV campgrounds, marinas, ski resorts, dude ranches and any other business that is in the hospitality industry”, says producer Art Lieberman.

Lieberman, together with co-producer Deanne Bower, created this virtual expo in 2010 and repeated it in 2011. Both events drew over 3,000 attendees although at that time, the expo dealt solely with the outdoor hospitality industry. As a virtual show, the event was unique in several ways. It ran live in the Eastern Time zone of the United States for six hours on two consecutive days and then ran 24/7 on the Internet for 90 additional days. The difference, of course, was that exhibitors and speakers at the webinars could not be present to answer questions or to market their goods or services after the live session. However, attendees could view videos in the Exhibitors booths or download documents or contact personnel themselves. Lists of those that visited the booths were available daily to exhibitors or sponsors of the Expo.

Speakers at the convention could do a Q&A during their live webinars but could not respond to questions during the “on demand” period. Still, although the more popular webinars did have attendance of nearly 100 or so live at the time of the presentation, some of the webinars were eventually viewed by over 500 people during the full 92 days of the Expo.

Interestingly enough, because of the partnership between the Expo and Hotelier and their worldwide audience, attendee registration is already International, with registrants from locations such as Pakistan, Germany and The United Kingdom already signed on.

Information is available on the Virtual Hospitality Expo website or by calling the production office in the US at +1 (877) 858 9010. Individuals who might wish to present a webinar should contact the office by phone. It is recommended that the prospective speaker be prepared to discuss the topic and their qualifications with the producers.

eHotelier is proud to partner with the Virtual Hospitality Expo. For more information, please visit the Virtual Hospitality Expo event listing.

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