Maestro PMS eLearning simplifies training, boosts staff productivity for independents

 Maestro When an independent operator hires staff, they want their new team members to start fast.

With a legacy of providing PMS spanning more than 30 years, Maestro’s team understands the needs of hotel operations and systems training.

That is why they built online tutorials and eLearning functionality into their family of 20+ Maestro PMSÊproperty softwareÊsolutions.Ê Maestro’s eLearning system helps property staff and managers gain confidence inÊproperty softwareÊsystem use so they can focus on guest needs as quickly as possible.

ÒWhen we converted from another sales and catering to Maestro our team had to learn a new system,” said Susan Corrigan, Director of Sales at Pocono Manor Resort and Spa. “Maestro’s eLearning Web Tutorials helped us learn how to use the system, and showed the Ôwhy’ behind Maestro’s functionality so we understood the system and how to best use it to serve guests. When I saw how well Maestro’s eLearning courses worked to show my team how to use the system I asked them all to take the tutorials as part of their job.Ó

Many operators incorporate Maestro’s eLearning training courses into property instruction guides to train new staff quickly and efficiently. Maestro eLearning offers 31 courses that are fully-integrated with the Maestro Front Office System and its other modules.

eLearning is a standard part of Maestro’s free Diamond Plus Service and includes Òanywhere Ð anytimeÓ online webinars. ÒMaestro’s Diamond Plus service offering includes 24/7 help desk access, free version upgrades and eLearning to help Maestro users develop skill and confidence in their ability to get the maximum benefit from their system,Ó said Maestro PMS President Warren Dehan. ÒWe continuously ask our clients for insights on how we can make Maestro stronger. We developed our eLearning functionality to address the staff training challenge many independent operators face.Ó

eLearning is integrated with Maestro so staff can get quick answers to system questions while they are on the job. They can pause the training session and try out the function in a training version or on the live software. Hotel staff can also take system courses when they are off property from Maestro’s eLearning website. The system tracks which courses staff members take, what lessons they complete and their scores on proficiency exams.

Maestro PMS delivers revenue-generating tools and services that increase profitability, drive direct bookings, centralize operations, and provide personalized guest service to keep guests coming back.ÊClick hereÊfor more information on how to reserve, engage and socialize with Maestro PMS.


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