Hotels and relationship marketing: survey - Insights

Hotels and relationship marketing: survey

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Relationship MarketingHoward needs your help! Howard C.W. Lee, the Hotel Manager of the Royal Plaza Hotel in Hong Kong, is also studying for his Doctorate of Business Administration at the University of Newcastle, Australia. As part of his thesis, he is conducting a study to explore insights on the effect of relationship marketing orientation (RMO) implementation in the hotel industry. He is particularly interested in how competitive pressures compel hotels to trade off longer-term gains from relational strategies for transactional profit measures aligned to a cost orientation (CO) implementation.

Please spare couple of minutes!

The survey’s goal – does a focus on cost cutting undermine the importance of relational practices and their connection to service quality and customer satisfaction?

Voice your opinion – on whether long-term consistency of RMO strategies implementation in the hotel industry can be compromised by temporary adoption of CO.

This study’s take away – enhanced understanding of the essentiality of long-term consistency of RMO strategies implementation in the industry so as to compete in a turbulent, ever-changing market environment.

Please click on the link below to read the Participant Information Sheet and to participate in this online survey, which will take about 10 minutes. Your name is not required and your responses are anonymous and will remain strictly confidential. 

After the project has been completed, will publish a summary of the project’s findings. For additional information regarding this research, you may contact Howard at

Thank you for your participation!

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