2016 in Review: Brands, Millenials and Reviews

2016 In ReviewBrands, Millenials and Reviews have all been hot topics across the year of 2016. Each topic has been featured widely across the media and are on the minds of all of the hotel industry.

With eHotelier, you can recap on all the top insights, trends and stories from the year of 2016 as part of our ongoing dedication to you.

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How the hotel industry is cutting out the mid-tier by Larry Mogelonsky

The importance of brand standards by Graeme Dickson

5 points to remember about branding by Larry Mogelonsky

The explosion of hotel brands and what owners should do about it by Robert Braun


How millenials are shaping the future of hospitality: a closer look by Rupa Ganatra

Hospitality: A world of opportunities for young entrepreneurs by Sonia Tatar

Understanding the Millenial approach to hotel selection by Larry Mogelonsky

How to draw Millenials to your hotel by Are Morch

Keep up with the new ways millenial travellers are paying by Jennifer Conneely

Making Millennial mentoring actually work by Bud Nolan

Millenials and military meals by Peter Jones


The secret to great TripAdvisor hotel reviews by Sarah Harkness

How review sities protect against fake hotel customer reviews by Carrie Murphy

How to respond to social media backlash by Arielle Sanchez

Reviews: Read all, respond selectively by Frederic Gonzalo

High proportion of online hotel reviews suspicious by eHotelier

How the Net Promoter Score can affect your TripAdvisor rating by Nicki Graham

The four booking behaviours driving travellers by eHotelier

Revenue management: Using data integration
Revenue management: a cost saver, not a cost centre