Cendyn customer spotlight: Fontainebleau Hotel Miami Beach - Insights

Cendyn customer spotlight: Fontainebleau Hotel Miami Beach

CendynÒCendyn has allowed us to really focus and grow our channel mix. We’ve exceeded our goals in the channels most profitable to us.ÓÊ

The historic Fontainebleau Hotel Miami Beach is one of the largest and most significant properties on the East Coast. Featuring 1,500 rooms, dozens of restaurants, spas, pools and music venues, the ÒbleauÓ has hosted every celebrity you can imagine, including Elvis, The Rat Pack and Justin Bieber. High-end clientele from all over the world mix with locals visiting the beautiful, oceanfront hotel for spa days, anniversaries and late-night celebrations.Ê

The challenge

ÒFontainebleau was looking for an easy way to segment, organize, and collect all the pertinent data available for customers and prospects,Ó said Josh Herman, Director of MarketingÊand PR at Fontainebleau. ÒWe wanted to understand key insights and use that data to treat our loyal guests in the best way possible and find more guests just like them.ÓÊÊÊ

The solution

After searching for a solution for some time, Fontainebleau ultimately selected Cendyn due to a Òcombination of technology and people,Ó said Mr Herman. ÒWe shopped around, but couldn’t find a CRM that was as easy, simplified and pulled together as Cendyn. You didn’t need a Computer Science degree to use it. And the great Cendyn account team proactively guided us through the process, so we could actually use the information gleaned.ÓÊ

Why Cendyn?

Mr Herman said it came down to three clear reasons why the mega hotel chose Cendyn over other CRMs in the hospitality market and beyond.Ê

Trust: ÒA lot of companies can sell you with a great pitch, but I had the confidence and trust that the Cendyn team would carry through on all their promises.ÓÊÊ

Simplicity: ÒCendyn makes my life easier. The system is easy to use and handles a lot of things that are time-consuming otherwise.ÓÊ

Transparency: ÒHaving all of the systems integrated together with transparent access to reports and metrics in a very clear, concise way that we can review and interpret is great.ÓÊ

The CendynÊmix

Fontainebleau is one of many Cendyn clients that utilize both our CRM and digital marketing services. The combination gives Herman and his team the ability to integrate both data and marketing in a very nimble way.Ê

ÒI’ve seen lots of companies run their marketing in a silo, but by using both Cendyn CRM and digital marketing services together, it allows us to really direct our efforts to what the data is telling us,Ó said Mr Herman. ÒWe can spend our dollars on what is most effective. It takes the guesswork out of a lot of things. It’s so beneficial to have them integrated together.ÓÊ

Goals achieved with Cendyn

Focus:ÊÒCendyn has allowed us to really focus and grow our channel mix. We’ve exceeded our goals in the channels most profitable to us.ÓÊ

Growth: ÒSince we’ve partnered with Cendyn, we’ve doubled the size of our database.Ó

Targeting:ÊÒCendyn’s advanced targeting has helped us find the right customers for the right experiences.ÓÊ

Strength:ÊÒMiami Beach is an extremely competitive market. Cendyn has allowed us to be extremely nimble and use our advertising dollars to reach more of the customers we want.ÓÊ

Innovation:ÊÒFontainebleau prides ourselves on being cutting edge. The team at Cendyn allows us to test and try new things easier than we otherwise could.ÓÊ

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