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Bidroom's "Price Alert", the fastest growing booking platform in Europe, announces a feature that is supposed to disrupt‘s and Expedia’s positions on the market, by undercutting their prices and stealing away bookings. The customers who already made a booking using one of the popular booking platforms, will now be guaranteed at least a 5 per centÊcheaper deal (same room, same dates), if they send their booking confirmation to

How does it work?

The idea behind the new feature is to help out the customers, as well as the hoteliers. does not charge the customers or hotels any commission, while and Expedia set their commission rates at outrageous levels – up to 25 per cent.

True to its motto of always offering the customer the better price, Bidroom is offering users the opportunity to get a better deal on bookings they already made. The process is very simple: users simply email their booking confirmation from, Expedia or to The company then processes the request on its own platform to find a better deal at the same hotel with the same room conditions. The user is then able to make the reservation for a lower price. Once the new booking is confirmed by the hotel, the user can cancel the original reservation (given it includes free cancellation). Users are promised a discount between five and fifteen percent on the original booking.

ÒThere is no denying, we aim to take over‘s and Expedia’s bookings. It just makes perfect sense to book with us instead, as we are always able to offer a better price for the customer, than the aforementioned platforms, while making the deal more profitable for the hotels as well.Ó – explains Michael Ros, the CEO of

Helping hoteliers save money

Branding itself as a platform, rather than an online travel agency, Bidroom’s mission is to help travellers and hoteliers in negotiating the best price. Whereas the big booking websites often charge hotels a large commission, Bidroom charges none. By allowing guests to rebook their room through Bidroom, hoteliers can save up to twenty percent commission per booking.

Bidroom price alert

Bidroom has been massively expanding and rolling out major website improvements. The platform recently launched its Price Alert function. When a user searches for a hotel, but does not complete the booking process, the website saves the search and updates the user with every price drop.

The rebook functionality has been available for a week now, and it has already resulted in a couple of hundred rebookings. More information can be found on

About is the world’s commission-free online booking platform founded in 2014 in The Netherlands. Since then, the company has been growing quickly enough to move their headquarters to Amsterdam and open another office in Cracow, Poland. Bidroom doesn’t charge any commission from the hoteliers, and in exchange asks them to give the guests at least a five percent discount off their rates advertised on other booking platforms, making it a win-win situation for both sides.

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