Sky Touch's Global Lighthouse Certification Program expands - Insights

Sky Touch’s Global Lighthouse Certification Program expands

Global Lighthouse Certification Program Sky Touch has announced that its Global Lighthouse Certification Program is now available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Through this program Sky Touch certifies hotels when they meet global security standards, and by doing so is raising security standards in hotels in these countries.

Sky Touch has partnered with the German Business Protection GmbH in Berlin. Our new partner specializes in Travel & Expat Security, Risk Forecasting, Corporate Security and Crisis Management. Together we offer a wide range of risk management solutions to hotels and corporate travelers.

This month five German-speaking security auditors qualified to conduct Sky Touch security audits in hotels. Our new team comprises both men and women who are highly skilled in security and corporate travel risk management.

First small heritage protected hotel certified

This month Sky Touch certified the first hotel in Germany. The Relais & Chateaux Castle Hotel Burg Schlitz is a small heritage protected boutique hotel in the northeast of Germany and is the first hotel to achieve Excellence in Security in the security audit. They achieved Security level 3 PLUS, which is the highest possible security level in the category of Small Hotels in the Global Lighthouse Certification Program.

The objective assessment during an inspection follows the Global Hotel Security Standard guidelines. We have developed the Small Heritage Protected Hotels Certification especially for heritage protected properties. This allows us in the future to help hotels in Europe of this kind to be safe havens and preferred hotels for C-level executives and high profile guests.

Hotels this size often don’t have corporate security management or a head office in place that can provide support and advice in security matters like we know bigger hotel brands have. Therefore, the Global Lighthouse Certification Program is also more than just an audit; it is a useful Security Framework to meet global expectations from guests and at the same time it is a Management Tool developed by hotel security specialists to mitigate global risks. In particular, corporate travelers, high profile guests and airline crews will benefit from our certification program worldwide.

PLUS rating

The PLUS stands for additional security features that are not included on the auditor’s checklist, but are relevant to the customer’s specific needs. Sky Touch acknowledges and rewards hotels that go above and beyond in implementing state-on-the art safety & security for hotel guests. This particular Relais & Chateaux Hotel has proven to be a leader in the global trend of safety & security.

The certification is a new tool to combat global risks. Together with our team in Germany we are now able to offer a holistic approach in corporate travel risk management.

For further information regarding certification, contact Sky Touch.

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