KEYPR to showcase integrated solution for seamless, personalized guest experience and back-office management

KEYPRKEYPR has announced that it will be offering an exclusive first look at the newest version of its on-demand guest services and management platform at this year’s HITEC.

With 200+ properties currently under contract, the startup is fast becoming the industry standard for hotels and luxury residences that need a fully integrated mobile-first solution for hyper-connected guests. KEYPR’s platform offers one-touch access to check-in and out information, amenities, guest services, and allows operators to customize communication and manage guest needs directly through its back office system.

The KEYPR platform features the KEYPR app, digital marquee & keyless entry system, in-room tablet and workflow management. The system delivers a hyper-personalized, seamless guest experience while simultaneously creating new revenue opportunities and operational efficiency through real-time analytics and management tools. Recent properties to launch the technology include 11 Howard in SoHo NY, Greystone Hotels, L.E. Hotels’ Luxe Rodeo Drive and Luxe Sunset Boulevard, as well as, Proper Hospitality’s Hollywood Proper Residences, Avalon Beverly Hills and Avalon Palm Springs.

“Consumer patterns have shifted to mobile; we are here to facilitate that change for hotels and luxury residence operators,” said Nizar Allibhoy, CEO of KEYPR. “KEYPR is the ultimate platform for on-demand guest services and management because it is the most comprehensive solution. Whereas competing offerings address access or management, we are the only one that brings the entire experience—guest-facing and back-of-the-house—into a single, real-time timeline. KEYPR is also the only solution created by industry veterans that understand the guest experience from the inside out. This is why we crafted KEYPR as a platform that not only delivers operational efficiencies, but also creates new revenue opportunities.”

The KEYPR platform offers hotel operators the tools to:

  • Improve guest experience
  • Improve service delivery and operations
  • Prevent negative social media and TripAdvisor posts before they happen
  • Gain extensive and deep metrics on what guests are requesting, how operations are delivering against these requests, and areas to target for improvement
  • Direct message and direct market guests to increase revenue
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Provide keyless entry for all rooms using existing locks

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