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Above Property partners with DHISCO

above-prop-logoHospitality distribution company DHISCO, has announced that Above Property, a start-up hotel travel platform company, has selected DHISCO to expand connectivity to its new multicloud based system.

Above Property, based in Naples, Florida, enables legacy hotel systems to communicate in real time with distribution partners around the world to offer faster, more accurate rates and availability while enhancing hotel companies’ ability to adjust their prices quickly in response to demand.

“DHISCO, with its connections to more than 100 distribution partners, provides the switch that enables our clients access to valuable distribution channels,” said Aaron Shepherd, Above Property chief executive officer and founder. “DHISCO provides the critical connectivity and gateway to the complex world of travel distribution for our groundbreaking travel platform.”

DHISCO CEO Toni Portmann said the partnership represents DHISCO’s first connection to an always-on, multicloud, distributed reservation system and underscores its commitment to working with partners to provide next-generation solutions for hospitality distribution.

“One of the industry’s biggest challenges today is helping decades-old, pre-Internet hotel computer reservations systems keep up with fast-paced demands of today’s modern booking engines,” Portmann said. “Our mission is to continue providing the latest solutions through new technology and new partnerships with innovative companies like Above Property.”

Shepherd described Above Property as a “global platform that reimagines the traditional hotel data model, offering modern solutions for everything from reservations to inline revenue, content and channel management.”

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