New app by Qooco promises to improve service staff upselling skills

A new upselling training tool, developed especially for the hospitality industry, is now available for use by hoteliers. Qooco Upsell teaches users techniques on how to upsell to guests, be they at the Front Desk, Spa or Restaurant.

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The App is available via mobile and can be accessed anytime, anywhere – perfect for the busy nature of hotel employee schedules. The training modules are situational, in that they immerse the students in a hospitality scenario such as a hotel restaurant, and guide them through the various techniques needed to upsell to guests.

‘Thanks to the internet, which has allowed guests to book their hotel stay directly, the first person-to-person interaction a hotel has with their guests is at the Front Desk’ says the CEO of Qooco, David Topolewski, adding ‘this makes the role of the Front Desk agent vital, they are no longer just service staff, they are also sales agents. If a hotel’s service staff are also able to proactively upsell to guests, the effects this can have on revenue and ADR are huge. Qooco Upsell provides quality sales training that can be implemented throughout all departments of the hotel’.

While increasing revenues, upselling can also significantly improve guest satisfaction. Service staff are trained to incentivize the guest experience, in that a focus is placed on his or her comfort, rather than simply more revenue. This then has the double benefit of improving the overall guest experience, while increasing sales.

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Thanks to the dashboard feature of the App, training managers are able to measure students’ progress at all times, providing extra support where needed. The lessons simulate real-life hospitality scenarios that are uniquely tailored to the hotels and F&B, a first for the industry. It is also available in multiple Asian and European support languages.

Qooco Upsell is available via the Qooco website:

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