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5 ways to market your hotel during the holidays

 width=As the holidays approach, hotel marketers are looking for ways to strategise and leverage one of the busiest times of the year for the hospitality industry. If you are looking for inspiration on how to set your hotel apart this holiday season, take a look at these suggestions, that can help entice travellers to book.

1. Be sure your visuals across the web include seasonal content

When travellers are researching your property on your website, social media or on OTAs, seasonal images can encourage them to book. This can include photos of your property after a snowfall, holiday dŽcor in your lobby, or seasonal offerings in your hotel bar or restaurant.

2. Offer seasonal drink and meal special

Continuing from our last suggestion, offering a holiday menu at your property’s restaurant or bar can be a fun way to catch travellers’ attention. Make sure you promote this on your website and social media pages!

3. Create and promote special holiday offers

You can also attract travellers by coming up with exclusive deals to be redeemed only during the holidays. Incorporate the season or specific holidays into these promotions. For example, if you have a family-friendly hotel, you can offer a Christmas package that includes photos with Santa and a gift for kids. Or, if your hotel is more geared towards adults, a New Years’ package that includes champagne.

4. Hold fun holiday events or parties

Another way to attract guests this season is to hold holiday-themed events. New Years’ parties, Hanukkah dinners, Christmas tree decoratingÉ travellers love fun events, especially if they celebrate a holiday!

5. Promote local holiday events

If the city your hotel is in has fun/interesting holiday activities or events, promote them on your site and social media! Numerous people travel during the holidays for specific events, using this to your advantage can help you to gain bookings.

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 width=Brianna Wenner is the Marketing Coordinator at travel technology company, ICE Portal, in Hollywood, Florida.ÊICE Portal helps hoteliers manage and distribute their visuals to millionsÊof unique visitors every day around the globe.


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