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Hotel software reinvented: Having it all at your fingertips

Clock softwareIn the highly competitive environment of the hospitality industry, there is a common denominator among the various day-to-day hotel management operations Ð they all need to provide instant gratification to guests without delay. This might be a very challenging task if not relying on the right kind of technology. It is not enough to simply have a property management system. To stay ahead of the competition, you actually need a platform integrating every aspect of your business to let you efficiently adapt to the ever-changing market situation in real time.

Efficient and affordable Ð is it really a mission impossible?

Hotel management systems have become the nerve centre of each hotel. Managers rely on these systems to keep hotel operations running smoothly. Now all of this shouldn’t be at the cost of serious upfront fees, maintaining server infrastructure, employing IT geeks and making investments in hardware upgrades to meet the needs of the growing complexity of your business. A web-based property management system is the perfect match for an efficient, but affordable technology. It uses the power of the cloud and its servers to handle operations and store the information. The subscription payment model spares you the costly upfront investments, and the PMS provider being responsible for IT support eliminates the related IT support and security expenses.

Streamline operations with an all-in-one platform

Most of the popular brand legacy management systems with their limited connectivity options offer obsolete solutions in a time of digital revolution. The integration with a web booking engine, sites of OTAs and channel managers turns the cloud-based property management system from merely a system into a single-point control platform to oversee all your operations. The easy-to-use and intuitive interface helps staff quickly learn to work with the platform. Its expanded capabilities ensure improved operational efficiency and financial performance Ð there is no need to waste time and resources on maintaining and monitoring several different systems and manually import the new bookings to the hotel PMS or go through every distribution channel to make the necessary changes to your offers. It’s all taken care by the property management platform through the automatic synchronisation and update of all your data in real time.

Stay connected at all times

The cloud platform gives you the flexibility to perform any operation which you otherwise would be confined to the reception desk terminal to complete. The combined features of the cloud and the mobile first design allows data to be accessed and the hotel can be run from virtually any place at any time Ð you even don’t need to have a computer or laptop at hand, a smart device will also do. This next-generation operational mobility and flexibility bring hotel staff closer to guests and their needs. And here comes the inevitable result – higher than ever guest satisfaction.

Switching to a cloud-based PMS will bring an optimised ratio between costs and revenues, enhanced efficiency of operations and security. It will also let hoteliers have data synchronised in real time and stay connected to proactively respond to the needs of their guests. This will undoubtedly lead to superior guest experience, which is pivotal for keeping guests’ interest and loyalty to your brand.

By Trayan Petkov

Trayan PetkovTrayan Petkov is Digital Marketing Manager for Clock Software. Based in Varna, Bulgaria, Clock Software offers a complete and integrated suite of cloud-based hotel management software, distribution systems and guest engagement apps, with Clock PMS at the forefront. Clock PMS is a single command point for your online distribution. At times when most bookings come online, you can discontinue being disconnected. You can confine manual and multiple input to the past with Clock PMS, and there isÊno need to manage different interfaces. It representsÊa paradigm shift from managing rooms to engaging with guests. Clock Software offers an integrated guest self-service app, automatic mailers, a hotel kiosk, and a tablet check in.

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