4 outdated hotel design ideas to avoid

Hotel guests have come to expect a lot from hotels these days, and design is a big part of that. With hotel refurbishment cycles sitting at between 5 to 7 years, it’s important that you choose your hotel’s new interior design ideas very carefully. The last thing you want is to end up with a design that is quickly considered to be outdated.

The last thing you want is to end up with a design that is quickly considered to be outdated.
The last thing you want is to end up with a design that is quickly considered to be outdated.

Focusing on aesthetics

Hotel design has moved beyond the visual. Gone are the days when it was all about having a great looking interior. Guests are expecting more than ever before, so it has to feel good as well as look good. Modern hotel designs are all about providing a complete sensory experience. Sound, smell, touch and taste are all incorporated to create the full experience for guests.

Hospitality furniture plays a key role in this, with touchable textures becoming increasingly important. Trends are taking a step away from simply emphasizing opulent finishes and materials. Whereas it used to be enough to have commercial furniture that looked luxurious, now guests want to be able to feel it too. Heavy and luxurious velvets, along with soft and rich woven fabrics provide the perfect touch of comfort and warmth to any room.

Traditional patterns

Hotel designs are moving away from more traditional patterns, such as the patterned Axminster carpets typically favoured in hospitality, towards more neutral tones with bright accent colours. This helps to create a clean, bright and open space. This holds true both in the public spaces, such as the lobby, as well as the guest rooms.

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Forget about small print or floral patterns, it’s all about geometric and large-scale patterns these days. Too many patterns can look a little busy, so it’s best to choose more neutral tones and add in pops of colour. Stick to having just one key pattern on your carpet, drapery or hotel furniture.

Dim lighting

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when designing your hotel is to underestimate the importance of lighting. Designers have helped highlight the importance of lighting, after recent research showed that from 10,000 recent reviews, most guests complained about bad, sparse, and dim lighting inside the hotel room. While hoteliers previously focused on low energy costs, the focus has now turned to ensuring guests are kept happy.

Luckily, the latest technological developments, such as the use of LED lighting, have allowed designers to achieve both. In the past, hotels were really just seen as a place to spend the night, but that is no longer the case. As hotel rooms are no longer being used just for sleep, it’s important that lighting serves several functions to reflect the variety of uses. While function has become important, a stylish design is still vital.

Standard room configurations

No longer can you get away with having a guest room with a single couch, nightstand and bed configuration. As guests spend more and more time in their rooms, hotels need to provide the necessary hotel furniture that will allow guests to use the room for working, eating, sleeping, and entertainment purposes.

Trendy hotel rooms need to be more than just inviting. They need to surprise the guest to help provide a truly unique experience. Business travellers will want several spaces from which to work, millennials will expect up to date technology that allows them to share their travel experiences and all guests will want to relax in a spa-like bathroom.


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