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Impress your guests with these 5 hotel lobby design tips

Nextrend lobby designThe first thing your guests will see upon entering your hotel is your lobby. Within moments, what your guests will see and experience will not only give him or her a glimpse of the hotel’s atmosphere, but will also create certain expectations. Therefore, do not miss this chance to make the best first impression.

With many different choices of hotel accommodations, it would do you well to start differentiating your hotel from the first point of contact. Hotel designs have evolved and this includes making your lobby more than just a pit stop.

Make your guests feel that they have just entered the best hotel in your locale by incorporating these tips to your lobby design.

Add more functionality

Traditionally, the hotel lobby is only used by guests to check in or out of their accommodations. However, modern hotel lobby designs now call for multi-functional schemes that combine several rooms in a large area to create a common space for people to converge. For instance, you can add a lounge for people to relax or have business meetings. Create a special area for business travellers with tables, laptop ports or cell phone chargers. A play area for kids is also a good idea if you cater to a lot of families.

Provide space for socialisation

Guests nowadays are after the “experience” more than anything else and this includes time spent in your lobby. They want a warm and relaxing place where they can meet, talk, eat, drink, and just enjoy. As part of your full-service lobby, make sure to include areas where all this can happen. With a little creativity, you can develop an inviting space with flexible seating areas, intimate lounge areas and communal spaces that encourage guests to meet people and form connections.

Make it comfortable and relaxing

Whether your guests are in your hotel for business or for leisure, comfort is always key. Guests will only be encouraged to stay longer and return to your hotel if they feel comfortable and relaxed during their stay. Make sure that your lobby is full of comfortable hotel furniture, such as a variety of chairs and couches, that matches your theme and will contribute nicely to the hotel’s overall ambiance.

Provide easy access to hotel amenities

Guests love it when they can immediately have access to a variety of amenities right from your lobby. This can be anything from free WiFi to flat screen TVs. Make it even more convenient for them by providing a variety of shops and services, wherein they can have a satisfying retail experience without leaving the hotel.

Nextrend1Add sustainable features

Modern hotel designs incorporate a host of sustainable features not only to differentiate themselves from the competition but also to save on long term costs and to contribute to a greener world. Guests are also more discerning these days and would feel better staying in more eco-friendly accommodations. Examples of sustainable features include using efficient light sources, hotel furniture made from sustainable materials, and eco-friendly wall paper and carpets, among others.

The impact of a well-designed lobby is of utmost importance in these modern times. Being able to draw guests out of their rooms and into the social community in your lobby will enable them to experience more out of your hotel.


Nextrend Furniture is a hospitality furniture specialist in Australia, helping people transform their venues into a practical and creative environment. Nextrend takes primary responsibility for shaping sustainable built environments, placing importance on taking a green approach regardless of scale or budget. View their wide range of hotel furniture here.

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