5 hotel design trends to watch out for this year

Industry experts predict that a fusion of classic, retro, and contemporary design ideas using traditional and new materials will make up the design trend for hotel furniture this year. Artistic details, a blend of textures, bold colors, and ethnic decoration patterns will figure in loudly when it comes to hotel interior design.
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These design trends will all cater to redefining what is class and luxury in this day and age – overindulgence is out while embracing technology and encouraging sustainability is in.

1. Design will be centered on providing a unique and authentic experience.

There has been a noticeable shift in recent years in the use of hotels. Let’s just say hotels have become travel destinations by themselves. This is why hospitality interior spaces are designed with different strategies in mind to accommodate needs of every guest whether for business, relaxation, or socializing. Personalization is the biggest trend in hospitality right now. Every service offering is an opportunity to have a very personal hotel experience – fluid spaces translate to being able to cater to custom requests.

2. Luxury is now geared towards feeling, not having.

Founders of Hill House Interiors, Jenny Weiss and Helen Bygraves say, “Design is moving beyond the visual- it’s not just about having a great looking interior, it has to feel good too.” Luxury is now hinged on providing great service and convenience rather than emphasizing opulence of materials and finishes. Hotel furniture is now designed not only to look luxurious but feel luxurious and comfortable. Creative recycling is encouraged and raw materials gearing towards sustainability are preferred.

Colour shifts in hotel design will include oversaturation of natural hues and modern greys creating rich and inviting spaces. Softly curved lines, organic shapes, and natural color schemes with ethnic or stunning accents will be huge factors in hotel furniture design.

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3. Hotel design will incorporate health and wellness features into every room.

The wellness travel economy is very popular these days, especially in the hospitality industry. Almost every hotel has upgraded their gym, health spas, and kitchen offerings to accommodate increasing personal and preferred requests from guests. Air purification, healthy energizing lighting and vitamin C-infused water in showers are just a few examples on how hotels are now embracing wellness and applying it towards the interiors and functions. Some hotel rooms are now designed to hold exercise equipment or have space to practice yoga.

4. Hotels will continue to embrace technology and it will be a big factor affecting hotel design.

Technology has improved overall hotel experiences. Check-ins can now be handled online or quickly through the front desk, eliminating the need for a large front-reception desk in the hotel lobby. This has led to greater flexibility in designing hotel reception or lobby areas, impacting the way interior designers play with space.

3D printing technology will give way to unimaginable hotel design possibilities from casegoods, upholstery, and electronics.

5. There will be a focus on sustainability, energy conservation and emission reduction.

With the hospitality industry focusing on reducing their carbon footprint, you will see hotels implementing technologies such as automatic light shut offs. This will lead the way to using natural lights. Natural lighting and other green features will reemerge and be incorporated fluidly into hotel design and hospitality practices.

Support of locally handcrafted and repurposed hotel furniture will also make its way to the forefront as designers will try to support local and go for ones that are sustainable especially for the environment. This practice will create an emotional tie between guests and the community and give an insight towards local culture and history.

These design trends will have a huge impact not only in 2015 but also beyond, as we embrace global responsibility towards climate change and the environment and shift towards creating meaningful experiences when traveling.

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