Top 5 hotel trends for 2014 - Insights

Top 5 hotel trends for 2014

2014 is becoming a landmark year for groundbreaking hotel trends. We’re seeing a seismic shift in branding, service delivery, design, and attitude. These trends are noticeable and dramatic – you won’t have to look at the details to see what’s changed. These are the hottest 5 we’ve seen so far this year.



It’s time to say goodbye to standardised facilities – personalisation is geared up to be one of the hottest trends of 2014, with each and every one of your preferences, likes and dislikes, and other travel habits closely monitored to give you a catered hotel service like never before.

Hotels are realising that standards are consistently moving upwards, and generic services built in a one-size-fits-all manner are no longer viable. Guests are now expecting quality rooms and friendly service as an absolute minimum, with personalisation increasingly being seen as a mark of a good hotel.

Getting in touch with local

While small boutique hotels and B&B’s have always had a penchant for unique rooms and plenty of information about the local area, even chain hotels are getting in on the action in 2014. Hotels are giving guests the opportunity to fully take advantage of local offerings, with staff members equipped to answer questions and give tips.

The rooms themselves are often decorated with works of art produced by local artists – distinctive rooms are no longer limited to boutique hotels. In addition to that, hotels are adding more focus on the organisation of on-site events that are geared towards the local culture. Instead of formulaic shows, you’ll get arty events that provide a true reflection of the local scene.

Furniture with a difference

Hospitality furniture used to give a feeling of corporate dryness. Even 5-star hotels had the affliction of an interior design driven by a cookie-cutter approach. However, we’re finally seeing a move away from standard homogeneity. Hotels are now looking to insert a ‘wow factor’, and furniture plays a big part in making that happen.

The hospitality furniture that’s trending in 2014 is unique, authentic, and carefully chosen. It oozes luxury and sophistication, but is also comfortable and familiar. It’s a 5-star experience without the snooty; a home away from home with an injection of class and quality.


Social media marketing

Facebook shares, minute-by-minute updates via Twitter, and gorgeous images that used to take hours on Photoshop now instantly available via Instagram are now part and parcel of daily life. And in 2014, hotels have seriously begun to leverage the power of social media.

Many new hotels that have sprouted up this year have even built social media into the core of how things are run. 1888 Hotel in Sydney, for example, has geared its design on maximum Instagram-ability, whereas other hotels even respond to guest queries via social media platforms such as Twitter. And expect these trends to be just the start of how social media is used.

Family travel in style

Taking your children on holiday used to mean a change in expectations. While prior years may have given you luxurious getaways in romantic settings, family holidays often meant giving up on service and style. That’s no longer the case.

Hotels have now caught on to the fact that those that travel with little ones still desire a certain standard. We’re now seeing hotels that deliver 5-star service, even if you’re traveling with tykes in tow. Village-style accommodation is becoming more common, allowing a freer and more relaxed atmosphere to mix with luxury service.

These trends are just the top 5 that we’ve seen so far in 2014 – in terms of quantity, the list could easily have gone into the dozens. Hotels are reinventing themselves and expect 2015 to bring even greater transformations that will redefine what we’ll come to expect.

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