More than half of US travel agents are home-based

Travel Agent 650Market research has revealed more than half of US travel agents are now home-based, signifying a turning point in America’s travel industry.

The news emanates fromÊresearch conducted by The Travel Corporation, and was advised by Trafalgar President Paul Wiseman toÊTravel Market Report.

ÒWhen more than half of the people are doing something, that is a tipping point in the industry,Ó said Mr Wiseman. ÒAnd from what we can see in all our data, more than half of all US travel agents are working from home. I don’t think that is true in any other country.

ÒWhat we see in our research is that nobody actually has a complete list [of all the home-based travel agents]. But we have combined all of our data from many sources.

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ÒIt’s a big deal for us in terms of how we structure our business and our approach to the marketÑit has an impact on every single piece of our business.Ó

Mr Wiseman made the comments at last weekend’s New York Times Travel Show in New York.


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