DHISCO and Zumata Expand Global Hotel Distribution using AI - Insights

DHISCO and Zumata Expand Global Hotel Distribution using AI


DHISCO CEO Toni Portmann said the partnership gives DHISCO’s 130-plus online travel agencies access, through the DHISCO Switch, to rate and check availability information from more than 400,000 of Zumata’s hotel and vacation rental properties.ÊAt the same time, it displaysÊ


DHISCO’s hotel partner inventory to Zumata customers, including many in the fast-growing Asian travel marketplace.

Zumata, a Singapore-based company, has won numerous awards for its AI advances. Its tools help travel retailers increase sales by improving customer experiences with better imagery, content and the ability to process natural language queries in 29 languages.

Zumata pulls rates and availability from third-party sources around the globe, enabling it to offer more rooms and vacation rental rates than traditional distributors Ð all through a single connection and with the benefit of deep technology assisting in the mapping process, according to Zumata CEO Josh Ziegler. Zumata’s AI capabilities also allow for more customized, natural language-based searches beyond traditional queries that only return information on rates and availability.

Ziegler said the partnership enables his company to easily connect with both DHISCO’s buying and selling partners to expand the reach of Zumata’s AI-based system.

ÒNo other company can offer us the reach of DHISCO, the world’s original and leading hospitality distribution company,Ó Ziegler said. ÒWe believe this first step of collaboration provides the scale necessary for both parties to shape the industry together and take distribution to exciting new levels.Ó

Noting that Zumata has Òcreated the world’s only AI-based distribution system,Ó Portmann said: ÒWe are pleased to increase our inventory and capabilities as we help Zumata expand its reach through DHISCO’s simple, one-to-many switch. This partnership represents a true collaboration, allowing us to merge our complementary systems and move the hospitality industry into the future while increasing the success of our global partners.Ó

Zumata recently won the Digital Innovation Asia Award at the Digi.travel Thailand International Conference & Expo 2017 in Bangkok and was named one of the top 10 disruptive travel companies to watch in 2017 by the website Disruptor Daily.

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