Elder adults staying in extended stay hotels

Elder coupleAs people get older, they kind of get set in their ways.ÊThat means that if they are used to getting up at five in the morning that is what they want to do.ÊIf they always eat breakfast at five minutes past six in the morning, that is what they are going to want to do, even when they are on vacation.

An extended stay hotel can help older people or anyone else for that matter, stick to their routines.ÊThe rooms or suites at an extended stay hotel has either kitchenettes or small kitchens, so guests can purchase food to keep in the room and prepare whenever they want it. This means everyone can eat breakfast at the time they are used to or eat the same exact meal that they would eat at home or even enjoy a midnight snack.

The rooms are all spacious and they have a sitting area. This works well for couples who are on different schedules. If one person likes to get up early, but the other likes to sleep in, the one who is up can sit in the sitting area instead of jostling the bed as they are trying to get comfortable. No one will be bothering the other person.

The amenities at extended stay hotel are available to all guests and many older people will love the options of using the fitness center or swimming in the pool. They may also choose to sit near the pool while reading a book or a magazine or just relaxing and hanging out. As people get older, they are not always in a rush to do things, and extended stay hotels allow them to move at their own pace.

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A lot of the time, retired people like to spend a couple of weeks in cities that they are visiting and an extended stay hotel can save them quite a bit of money. These hotels are much cheaper, because they do not have to be completely cleaned every single day.ÊYet, light housekeeping is usually an option at many of these places, which is helpful for everyone.

Adults often find themselves moving away from where they raised their family or their children move far away from them. This means multiple trips to see family and friends throughout the year.ÊThese trips also last anywhere from a week or two and it is easier for these people to stay at an extended stay hotel instead of imposing on family and friends.ÊThey can stick with their own schedule and they can still see their relatives as much as they want.ÊThey have the option to stay at their host’s home as late as they want or they can choose to return to their room earlier in the day.ÊEveryone loves being able to have options like these.

Weekly Hotels makes it easy for elderly people to find extended stay hotels nearby the people that they are visiting or the places that they want to see.ÊThey can compare hotels and choose the one that best suits their needs and wants.ÊWeekly Hotels also has a feature where people can find local restaurants that are nearby their hotel. These restaurants are listed according to the distance from the hotel and includes links to their websites and oftentimes their menu.ÊThere are even Yelp reviews listed from people who have dined there in the past.ÊNo one will ever need to wonder if they are choosing the best restaurant in the area anymore.

Sometimes elderly people need handicap accessible hotel rooms and the extended stay hotels on Weekly Hotels understands this.ÊThey have quite a few rooms that meet those needs and the staff is also very accommodating to those guests that need a little extra assistance.

Since elderly people stay in one place for longer periods of time, they will love the guest laundry services at many extended stay hotels.ÊThey will no longer need to search for a local laundromat, instead they can simply go to the laundry room and quickly do a load of laundry in their spare time.

Extended stay hotels are going to change how elderly people and many others travel in the future.ÊGone are the days of spending a lot of money on hotel rooms and not getting much in return. Now people can spend less, receive more, and enjoy themselves in the process.

By Balaji Naidu

Balaji NaiduBalaji Naidu is a Client Engagement Leader at Personal Strengths Singapore. Balaiji helps consultants, coaches and HRD professionals deploy the TotalSDI and core strengths programs effectively, providing the necessary support they require as partners of Personal Strengths Singapore. Based in Singapore, Personal Strengths Singapore distributes and certifies partners on the TotalSDI and Core Strengths Accountability program whilst providing localised support for partners throughout Asia. PSP, Inc., the parent company for Core Strengths and TotalSDI, is a global leader in training and assessments that have helped over two million people better understand what drives their behaviour and the behaviours of others. TotalSDI, a suite of assessments and programs, and Core Strengths, a skill-based training program based on those tools, are unique in their ability to reveal how motives shape behaviors in changing circumstances Ð in ordinary situations as well as in times of conflict. PSP’s assessments also provide a simple and memorable way to understand the concepts, which makes it easier for managers and employees to develop the skill of accountability and communication.

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