On Professionalism in the Hospitality Industry - Insights

On Professionalism in the Hospitality Industry

We speak to Michael Johnson, CEO of Tourism Accommodation Australia (TAA), about TAA’s work developing professional identities in the hospitality industry by going grassroots. We also discuss hospitality’s unique opportunities for workers to start at the lowest level but to quickly traverse to the highest levels of management with the right aptitude, attitude and skills.

Recorded at Maximum Occupancy 2019.

TAA – Representing Australia’s accommodation sector

Tourism Accommodation Australia (TAA) represents the needs and interests of Australia’s accommodation industry,providing leadership to its members through advocacy, industrial relations and legal support, intelligence, research, education and networking.

TAA is dedicated to serving and protecting industry’s interests on a range of industry issues including industrial relations, workforce development, education and training, taxation and licensing.

TAA is Australia’s ‘go-to’ organisation for accommodation and hospitality as part of the broader tourism sector.

Visit: http://www.tourismaccommodation.com.au

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