6 Ways your hotel can gain a competitive advantage - Insights

6 Ways your hotel can gain a competitive advantage

The hospitality industry continues to evolve. Millennials crave adventure on their getaways, not simply luxurious accommodations. People of all ages take better care of their physical selves even while they travel.

Competitive advantage
Competitive advantage

To gain an edge over the competition, hoteliers must create a unique brand. They should offer in-demand perks and exercise creativity when inventing one-of-a-kind experiences. Keep your eye on these six trends as 2019 draws to a close.

1. Cater to International Travelers

International travel is increasing. Airports Council Internation named Dubai International Airport the busiest hub worldwide. What does this mean for hoteliers?

Managers can offer promotional materials and activity guides in a variety of languages. They can hire multilingual staff whenever possible. This makes it easier for guests to communicate clearly with employees. They should check their booking pages to ensure the text translates well.

2. Provide More Spacious Accommodations

The bed takes center stage in many traditional hotel rooms. While this arrangement works for travelers who only need a place to rest, it leaves others frustrated. People on extended business trips want spacious work areas. Families with children appreciate room for them to play on the floor. Parents don’t want to roll over on a Lego in the middle of the night.

You don’t need to upgrade all your guest rooms to suites. However, when you remodel, consider adding features like swing wall beds. Such devices offer guests a way to transform their space and create more floor area for work or exercise. They can adjoin rooms, giving teenagers privacy while keeping them safe.

3. Create an Experiential Getaway

Travelers today crave adventure. They want to immerse themselves in their destination and trek off the beaten path. Hotel owners benefit from expanding concierge services to create an experiential getaway.

You can partner with local adventure outfitters like scuba dive companies. You can provide guides for guests leery of exploring a new city solo. Even including perks like errand running and dry cleaning gives travelers more time to focus on fun, not picking up necessary groceries.

4. Enhance Fitness and Spa Facilities

Today’s travelers care about their health and physical appearance. Hoteliers of yesteryear often placed a few pieces of secondhand equipment in a spare closet and called it a fitness facility. Today’s guests demand more.

Some hotels are adding fitness equipment to guest rooms and streaming Pilates classes via on-demand TV. Others expand their present facilities with upgraded equipment. You can also partner with instructors who offer specialty classes like Bikram yoga on-site.

5. Institute of Sustainability Measures

Guests seek accommodations that take measures to protect the planet. Fully 73% of millennials report they’ll pay more for eco-friendly brands. If it’s time to expand your facility, consider pursuing LEED certification by complying with green building initiatives.

Even if it’s not time to remodel, small upgrades make a big difference. Install automatic light and climate controls in guest rooms. When travelers exit, such devices turn off lamps and TVs and adjust the thermostat. Swap out tiny plastic shampoo and body wash bottles for larger, multiuse dispensers. If your facility features a restaurant, serve locally grown produce.

6. Offer Unique Brand Perks

Guests return when they enjoy one-of-a-kind perks they can’t find elsewhere. Some facilities offer wine tastings and even hangover concierge services for travelers who overindulge. Others offer family packs containing small toys and coloring books.

When considering perks to make your brand unique, keep your target market in mind. If you run a convention center that caters to business travelers, remember, they crave the technology necessary to work on the road. Invest in a dual Wi-Fi system. Keep one public for use in meeting rooms and make the other secure and available only to paid guests. Executives don’t want to rearrange furniture to find outlets to charge their devices. Install charging ports in all guest rooms with space for phones and tablets aplenty.

If your location is frequented by honeymooners, offer spa services like in-room couples’ massages, complimentary champagne and sprinkle guest beds with rose petals. In addition, training your staff to accept flower deliveries, wine bottles or unique parcels can be a way for guests to truly elevate their stay and make their celebratory experience unique.

Gaining a Competitive Edge Means Standing Out

Getting an edge on the competition means making your brand stand out. Implement the ideas above and grow your profits.

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