VENZA thrives during the economic downturn

VENZA is not only surviving during the economic downturn but thriving as it secures capital to expand its operations in 2020. “Extraordinary companies find a way to grow during a downturn,” says Jeff Venza, Chairman & CEO “and we have big plans for expansion with this new infusion of cash,” said Venza. VENZA is expanding its MSP division through a combination of hiring new staff and the acquisition of another MSP business that will provide not only complementary services but also reinforce the services VENZA already provides its customers.  

VENZA thrives during the economic downturnExpansion started over a year ago with the creation of their MSP division when VENZA decided to add managed security services. “Coming into the year in a great financial position and using resources available to us, our stability allowed us to be the helping hand to hospitality companies trying to find their financial footing while managing data security, data privacy and MSP services all at the same time,” says Josh Bergen, President.

VENZA’s expansion in services now includes Remote Monitoring & Management, Email Threat Protection, Next Generation End Point Protection, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) as well as Firewall Management to hoteliers. These security services are a great addition to any existing security posture as a part of VENZA’s layered security approach helping hoteliers meet PCI DSS, Privacy Regulations, ISO, and NIST Standards.

The infusion of cash also allows VENZA to adjust its payment and contract terms to better serve hoteliers in this time of financial crises. In addition, VENZA also developed a virtual Chief Information Officer/Chief Information Security Officer (CIO/CISO) service to help hoteliers maintain their PCI DSS Compliance and a virtual Data Protection Officer (DPO) service for privacy compliance.

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With innovations and ideas to serve hoteliers, VENZA is providing the peace of mind that will carry hotels securely from the present on into the future. VENZA’s vision statement says, “…generating extraordinary and lasting value” and that is precisely what VENZA is doing for their clients. VENZA stands ready to guide your organization to the higher ground because with “better visibility, there is better defense”.


Drawing on decades of experience, VENZA is a data protection company that can help organizations mitigate their vulnerabilities and ensure compliance, keeping guests and their data safe from breaches. By delivering a security solution for readiness, reassurance and response, VENZA offers 360-degree visibility for proactive management of risks—so users can focus on guest service and building trust in their brand. Better visibility means better defense. Know the risks, protect the enterprise with VENZA.

More than 225,000 users in 100+ countries look to VENZA for tools, technology, and strategic security support. Founded in 2008 with a decade of service to the hospitality industry, VENZA is a privately held company with regional offices in Atlanta, GA, Pensacola, FL and The Hague, Netherlands. For more information, visit or contact us at

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