Trends in guest communications in 2023

This free e-book based on industry data, hospitality reports, and HiJiffy‘s insights explores six ongoing and emerging trends in guest communications for this year.

Trends that hoteliers should certainly be paying attention to and consider implementing within their establishment if they have not already done so:

  • Further digitalisation of communication
  • Personalisation and tailored communication
  • Conversational Artificial Intelligence
  • Navigating communications with sentiment analysis
  • Streamlining all communication channels
  • Voicebots and Interactive Conversational Voice Response Systems

When hoteliers open their minds to the possibilities and look at the advantages of some of these trends, they soon begin to discover the many benefits they can bring to the hotel. Benefits of time-saving, reducing staff workload, and being able to offer self-service options through a variety of communication channels. An opportunity to automate processes and keep on top of your correspondence and social media communications with ease. The ability to better understand hotel guests’ needs and true feelings regarding the hotel and the service they have received.

Read about the six ongoing and emerging trends in guest communications, learn how to adopt them, and get a competitive advantage in the market.

Download your free e-book here

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