TigerTMS and NETxAutomation tackles hospitality energy crisis

TigerTMS NETxAutomationTigerTMS and NETxAutomation have joined forces to enable hoteliers to make significant savings on their energy costs.

Through the power of iLink software, TigerTMS offers interfaces to hundreds of Property Management Systems (PMS) systems, and with this partnership, facilitates connectivity to any Building Management System (BMS) supported by NETx.

NETxAutomation combines various building automation protocols to interact with the main building automation products and provide a wide range of functions.

This partnership facilitates the integration with hundreds of PMS systems to countless BMS systems to enable hoteliers to remotely activate room control functions such as air conditioning, lighting, curtains and shutters. It can even close down power to a room completely once the guest has checked out.

John Owen, TigerTMS CEO comments: “This is a game changing opportunity for the hospitality sector – a report in BigHospitality suggests 1 in 4 businesses fear closing because of the ongoing rising energy costs. Given the average US Hotel spends $2,500 annually per Guest Room on energy costs – and HVAC and lighting account for up to 45% of Hotel Energy, this could make the difference between a hotel thriving, surviving, or closing.”

Paul Furtak, CEO of NETxAutomation adds: “Our solution not only provides the perfect welcome by setting lighting, shutters, air conditioning, heating, cooling upon guest arrival, but by effectively putting rooms in a stand-by-mode when the room is not occupied, we’re helping address sustainability issues”.

For a full list of PMS and BMS systems supported and readily available through this unique partnership, please contact

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