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HiJiffy's solution allows hoteliers to increase their revenue from direct bookings and upselling while automating numerous repetitive tasks with a low added value, reducing operating costs and addressing staff shortages.

About HiJiffy:

Pioneer in Voice Assistants and GPT-4 in Hospitality

In December 2022, HiJiffy launched the first voice assistant specialised in hospitality.

Representing a new paradigm in guest communications by being able to handle complex voice interactions, the multilingual virtual assistant uses complete sentences and provides instantaneous voice responses that mimic a human-like interaction.

More recently, in March 2023, HiJiffy launched the first hotel chatbot powered by GPT-4, which uses the power of generative Artificial Intelligence to handle guest inquiries and requests with unrivalled accuracy and automation.

Increase hotel revenue and mitigate staff shortages

HiJiffy’s solution allows hoteliers to increase their revenue from direct bookings and upselling while automating numerous repetitive tasks with low added value, reducing operating costs and mitigating staff shortages.

“It is important to point out that we do not intend to eliminate the human role in hospitality, but rather to channel it towards activities that generate added value,” clarifies the CEO.

  • Pre-stay

In the pre-stay phase, HiJiffy’s AI ensures instant responses to frequently asked questions with automation rates above 85%, in more than 130 languages, and on different hotel communication channels – from a webchat on the website to Facebook or WhatsApp, from Instagram to Google My Business.

The solution guides guests through the booking process wherever they are, 24/7, without the need for human interaction and with full integration with hotel management systems.

  • In-stay

During the stay, in addition to facilitating the digitalisation of processes such as check-in or check-out, HiJiffy’s solution allows guests to obtain instant answers about the operation of the hotel and to request in a simple and contactless way any type of service that the hotel offers: reserving a restaurant table or a spa treatment.

The solution also automates room service and other types of maintenance requests, thanks to integrations with hotel management systems.

In addition to upselling campaigns, using HiJiffy’s solution, hotels can also share satisfaction surveys and develop campaigns to promote reviews in an automated way during departure.


All types of accommodation providers, from Hotels to Resorts

Contact Details:

Company: HiJiffy

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Founded: 2016

Website: https://www.hijiffy.com/


  • Booking Assistant - Direct Booking AI Agent, Booking Recovery Campaigns, Behavioral Marketing Campaigns, Email to Chatbot Automation, Smooth handover to human agents, Click to Call, Lead qualification. Price comparison, Interface personalization
  • Virtual Concierge - Front-Office AI Agent, Digital Check-in & Check-out, Room Upgrades Campaigns, Upselling Campaings, Automated workflows, Custom routing and escalations, Pre-programmed Guest Notifications, Guest Satisfaction Surveys, Guest Reviews Campaigns, Retention Campaigns
  • Console - Channel centralization, Multiproperty management, Performance Metrics & Analytics, CRM, Custom Views & Filters for Interactions, Custom Database Segmentations, Customizable working hours, Unlimited number of users, Personalize Chatbot settings


Cloud, Desktop, Mobile


FAQ, Chat, Email, Phone


Live Online, Documentation, Videos


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Booking Assistant
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