How to turn wine into profit, with Adam Mogelonsky

In this episode, we discuss the latest trends in wine and how to profit from wine sales in your hotel or restaurant. My guest is Adam Mogelonsky, Partner at Hotel Mogel Consulting, renowned speaker, traveller and one of the industry’s most prolific researchers and writers.

Adam and I discuss the following:

  • The impact of the pandemic on the restaurant industry and the new trends today.
  • Why restauranteurs and hoteliers should focus on wine in 2023.
  • The psychology of selling wine!
  • How wine list layout and structure affect the guest’s propensity to buy.
  • The role of technology in increasing wine sales and profitability.
  • How hoteliers can use wine to enhance TRevPAR.
  • The emergence of LoCal/LoCarb and organic wine.
Adam Mogelonsky

Adam Mogelonsky
Hotel Mogel Consulting

Hotel Mogel Consulting

About Hotel Mogel Consulting:
Leveraging over 40 years working in hospitality, Hotel Mogel Consulting helps hotel owners maximize property performance and technology vendors navigate the industry’s entry barriers to realize financial success. Visit our contact page to start the conversation.

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