Sustainability with Jennifer Klar of Six Senses

In this episode, Jennifer Klar discusses Six Senses’ industry-leading approach to wellness and sustainability.

Jennifer and I discuss the following:

    1. How Six Senses incorporate sustainability practices into their wellness offerings, and how these initiatives contribute to the overall well-being of their guests, team members and local communities.
    2. How to ensure that the resources you use align with sustainable practices and the steps to take to minimise the environmental and social impact.
    3. How to create opportunities for cultural exchange and experiences for guests while respecting and preserving local heritage and the environment. 
    4. How to measure the impact of sustainability initiatives on guest satisfaction and overall sustainability goals.
    5. The role of technology in sustainability initiatives.
    6. What is holding the tourism industry back from doing more for sustainability. 

Jennifer Klar
Director, Corporate Sustainability
Six Senses

Six Senses Logo

About Six Senses:
From its beginnings in 1995, Six Senses quickly became recognized as the hospitality industry’s pioneer of sustainable practices, demonstrating that responsibility can be successfully wedded to uncompromised high-end facilities.

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Whether on a remote private island, snowy mountain hideaway, desert dune, lush forest, rugged tundra, wine estate or in the middle of a lively lounge in the city, the enduring Six Senses vision remains as strong as ever: To help people reconnect with themselves, others and the world around them. This vision flows through everything – from building design and food preparation to social and environmental choices and the way each property welcomes guests. It also works inwards as well as outwards, to provide a safe, meaningful and empathetic culture for hosts too.

This ensures consistent quality without being formulaic, with each property free to infuse its own local touch. https://sixsenses.com. 

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