Greenhost Hotel is incorporate green-initiatives

Greenhost Hotel is incorporate green-initiatives
Greenhost Hotel is incorporate green-initiatives

As the hospitality industry has a dramatic environmental impact through energy, water consumption, food waste, and electronic waste;  Greenhost Hotel – an eco-conscious boutique hotel located in the renowned Prawirotaman area of Yogyakarta, takes its steps to help to protect the environment.

Greenhost takes thoughtful considerations in various stages of the operations to minimize any ecological impact, first thing first, by incorporating the rooms and buildings with various up-cycled materials. Greenhost tries to minimize buying new materials and do the best to reuse and repurpose old materials for the hotel. 80% of the hotel is not painted, so there is room for the building to breathe, and the rest of it uses water-based paint.

Apart from Creative Farming — a hydroponic garden that produces plants to be consumed in the restaurant, the hotel also buys fresh produce and other restaurant’s needs from the local market to support the community.

In guest rooms, the electrical capacity is set at 6 Amps. Air Conditioning isn’t available in the lobby area to minimize greenhouse gas emissions. The amenities are also locally sourced — including but not limited to — the hotel slippers and the rice soaps in the guest bathrooms. One of the artist design rooms incorporates various up-cycled materials to create resilient furniture that changing yesterday’s unwanted items into a brand new style that is both eye-catching and functional.

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Maximizing recycled paper for Art Kitchen’s menu, — Vegan Friendly Greenhost Boutique Hotel’s farm-to-table restaurant, applying no straw policy, using scrap paper for internal documents to make the best use of paper, placing an electronic waste dropbox for guests and local communities are the several steps the hotel takes to make the hotel more sustainable.

From time to time, the hotel hosts collaborative creative events in its space, working closely together with influencers and communities that share the same passion and vision. “We are aware that we have many works to do ahead related to eco-conscious steps. It should be noted, as a hotel that holds the principle of environmental awareness, we are still taking steps gradually, both to minimize the use of plastic and other environmental impacts. Under Ayom Group — the Hotel Group that is managing Greenhost, we will also build hotels in Lombok in the next years,” adds Mrs. Vivie Elizabeth as Corporate General Manager.

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