Green check-in: strategies for hotels to adopt and promote sustainability

In the quest for a sustainable future, hotels play a pivotal role in setting a positive example for both guests and industry peers. By embracing energy-efficient technologies, reducing waste, conserving water, sourcing responsibly, engaging with communities, and adopting eco-friendly infrastructure, hotels can contribute significantly to global sustainability efforts.


Greenhost Hotel is incorporate green-initiatives

As the hospitality industry has a dramatic environmental impact through energy, water consumption, food waste, and electronic waste; Greenhost Hotel – an eco-conscious boutique hotel located in the renowned Prawirotaman area of Yogyakarta, takes its steps to help to protect the environment.

Greenhost Hotel is incorporate green-initiatives
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Hilton expands soap recycling program

The program has already donated more than four million bars of soap, and now 1,370 hotels will participate, including all 750 properties in Its all suites brands.

Program Has Already Donated more than Four Million Bars of Soap

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The Parisian Macao has sustainability in its DNA

The Parisian Macao is Las Vegas Sands’ and Sands China’s most energy-efficient property to date and its Industry-leading sustainability measures raise the bar for environmentally responsible resort operations in Macao.

The Parisian Macao
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