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Demand Calendar is an integrated marketing, sales, and revenue management software for hotels of all sizes.

About Demand Calendar:

Demand Calendar started small in 2012 by prototyping a simple forecasting tool for small hotels to help them keep up with the competition. In 2014, we founded the company and got our first customers. Demand Calendar is today the only full system with 100+ features that integrates marketing, sales, and revenue management into one system. It has everything for the commercial team in one place – with built-in dashboards, reports, and easy access to the same data for instant analytics for all team members to grow revenue and maximize profits.


Independent hotel groups
Overview of all hotels in one system
Full multi-property and extensive chain functionality
Automated consolidated reporting

Large full-service independent hotels
Total revenue management
Easy access to coordinate all departments

Contact Details:

Company: Demand Calendar

Location: Stockholm, Sweden




  • Revenue Management
  • Hotel Business Intelligence
  • Hotel B2B Sales CRM
  • Marketing
  • Reporting


Cloud, Desktop, Mobile


Chat, Email, Phone


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