Appellation, a culinary-first hotel revolution, with Ed Skapinok


In this episode, we explore the development and launch of Appellation, a revolutionary new culinary-first hospitality-concept, with Ed Skapinok, Chief Commercial Officer.

The brainchild of celebrated Masterchef Charlie Palmer, CEO and former Four Seasons President of the Americas Christopher Hunsberger, COO, Appellation is defining a new form of culinary hospitality through its innovative experiential resorts.

Ed and I discuss the following:

  • Why the name Appellation, and what is your purpose?
  • How has Appellation achieved an immersive experience in the local environment?
  • Pivoting the traditional hotel model to a culinary experience has attracted new markets.
  • How technology plays a crucial role in enhancing the guest experience.
  • Big plans for the Appellation group.

Ed Skapinok
Chief Commercial Officer

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Appellation hotels logo

About Appellation:

Appellation tells our tale through the shared language of food and embraces what it means to be authentically local. Culinary excellence is at the heart of everything we do. The word “appellation” means to give a name to a place. The first appellations centred on food, just as we do today. They are the culmination of regional character, the personality of people who call them home and the food that brings them together.

Appellations carry a sense of quality, uniqueness and prestige. They paint a picture of artisans, growers and makers honing their craft amongst distinct terroirs to develop products that often achieve international acclaim. We proudly continue the tradition, gathering the best from each of our destinations to deliver exceptional experiences born of their region. We nurture community and culture through culinary experience and delight in stories found only here. We are uncompromising. Every element of an Appellation experience is true to place, thoughtfully composed and crafted with the highest regard to quality.

Our Co-Founders, Charlie Palmer and Christopher Hunsberger have assembled a team of seasoned professionals who are dedicated to celebrating great destinations, innovating the guest experience, and growing the next generation of hoteliers and culinarians.

Website: http://www.appellationhotels.com

Appellation Healdsburg

Appellation Sun Valley

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