Exceeding guests’ expectations in the contactless world

We discuss guest expectations in a contactless experience have accelerated technology developments and how you can ensure you can continue to exceed guests’ expectations in the contactless world.

We discuss:

  • Now the “big players” such as Apple are moving in, with the announcement of the room key for the wallet, what these advancements mean for the industry.
  • How hotels can ensure they maintain ownership of the guest relationship throughout the customer journey.
  • Will there still be individual solutions for the room key?
  • What we can we expect in the future.

Moritz von Petersdorff – Campen
Founder & Managing Director


About SuitePad:

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At SuitePad, we bring hotels into the digital age by facilitating and streamlining communications between hoteliers and guests on one simple, easy to use device.

The hotel industry has already fully embraced digitization of the stages before and after a guest’s stay, but it’s during the stay that most hotels still use outdated guest directories, relying on guests contacting staff if they have requests or questions.

Our solutions have been developed with the help of renowned private and chain hoteliers from Germany, Switzerland and Austria to cater to the communication requirements and present-day needs of modern guests. Since 2012, we have equipped more than 1000 hotels and over 60,000 hotel rooms worldwide with digital guest directories, creating new communication channels while providing guests with first-class entertainment experiences.

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