Elevate Your Guest Experience with Nonius TV’s Cloud High-Availability

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Nonius is thrilled to share news of our cloud infrastructure’s regional expansion and upgrade, guaranteeing a flawless entertainment experience for your guests, even amidst unforeseen disruptions.

In the fast-paced world of hospitality, where every moment counts and every detail matters, our commitment to your hotel’s success is reflected in our continuous investment in building more resilient architectures. We understand the critical nature of these systems and the stress that comes with potential downtimes.

Superior Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

At Nonius, we take pride in being the sole provider of a cloud-based TV system with the most complete disaster recovery architecture. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure features:

  • Cloud resilient clusters to ensure server resilience and allow upgrades without downtime.
  • Edge cache gateways for bandwidth savings and handling intermittent network issues.
  • On-TV configuration caching to keep essential services running during complete ISP or backhaul outages.

This powerful combination guarantees that your guests will enjoy uninterrupted services, even if system or network issues arise.

Nonius is committed to enhancing service quality through investments in hassle-free, low-maintenance solutions. Recognizing the staffing challenges in the hospitality sector, this initiative is designed to free you and your team to focus on delivering an exceptional guest experience.

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Worldwide Reach

Nonius TV cloud infrastructure spans across all continents, offering proximity to your location or your next property, being the most recent in Singapore:

Around-the-Clock Technical Support

Our dedicated 24/7 Tech Support Team is prepared to assist you with any issues related to the cloud infrastructure, on-premises network, TV sets, or other endpoints. Consider us your partners in ensuring top-notch guest satisfaction, ready to provide support whenever you need it.

Connect with Us

Connect with us to learn more about Nonius TV and how it can seamlessly integrate into your unique setting, enhancing your guests’ stay. We’re here to ensure that your guests’ entertainment is seamless, leaving you to concentrate on creating memorable moments.

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Nonius provides the most complete Guest Technology solutions portfolio for a contactless Digital Guest Journey.

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