How all areas of hotel revenue management are evolving - Insights

How all areas of hotel revenue management are evolving

The evolution of revenue management due to the impacts of the pandemic.

Before the pandemic hit, the revenue management function primarily focused on extracting every last dollar for every available room. Forecasting, market segmentation, pricing and distribution channels were the focus. The revenue managers job evolved to ensure the property as a whole, beyond just rooms, maximised every revenue opportunity.

We discuss:

  • How the revenue management function is changing
  • The impact on the requirements of revenue management systems
  • Whether there is still a requirement for a dedicated revenue manager, and if so, how their role will change in the future
  • The benefits for hoteliers and hotel groups through these changes.
  • What’s next on the horizon for revenue management in hotels.
Michael McCartan

Michael McCartan
Chief Growth Officer

About Atomize:

Atomize is a lean revenue management software designed for hoteliers who want to do more with less. Based on the latest innovation in price automation, Atomize transforms market data into revenue by delivering optimal prices in real time, 365 days into the future.

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Atomize offers a Lean Revenue Management Software built for hoteliers that want to do more with less.

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