The role of the revenue manager post-COVID19, with Damiano Zennaro from IDeaS

In this podcast we discuss Revenue Management with Damiano Zennaro from IDeaS Revenue Solutions, particularly focussed on the role of Revenue Managers as a result of COVID-19.

Damiano is the Director, Global Advisory Services at IDeaS Revenue Solutions, based in Milan, Italy. Damiano leads a global team of professionals who strategically support the travel and hospitality industries in embracing automation and finding the winning balance between people, processes and technology and previously spent over 16 years with IHG. Damiano is also a member of the Revenue Optimisation Board with HSMAI Europe.

Revenue managers are under immense pressure today to maximise revenue in a period of challenging economic conditions.

We consider:

  • Why revenue managers are struggling to secure a leadership role in the commercial area.
  • Will the pandemic threaten the existence of revenue managers and the revenue management discipline, or will it offer an opportunity to gain the position they’ve sought for so long.
  • Will the commercial structure in the hospitality industry change after COVID-19.
Damiano Zennaro

Damiano Zennaro

Anatolia Hospitality selects IDeaS
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