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Hospitality can be a force for positive social change

It takes a different mindset to see opportunity when facing the reality of the disadvantaged and marginalised, but the mainstream hospitality industry needs to recognise that they offer a wide range of different talents – talents that with the right nurture and support can make loyal, enthusiastic and committed employees.


Opportunity is essential in realising career potential

The  Future Leaders Programme for the alumni of the Sala Bai Hotel School has been designed to provide an opportunity for participants to develop their professional knowledge and leadership skills in support of their career ambitions. @touchsalabai

UK hospitality education – in decline?

The hospitality industry is facing a ‘perfect storm’ of the recruitment and staffing impacts of Brexit, at the same time that the number of students entering hospitality education and training is on the decline.

Is hospitality education broken?

Industry reports increasing difficulties recruiting students from hospitality education, while hotel schools, colleges and universities are finding it equally difficult to recruit students to their hospitality courses.

Transparency and honesty

Transparency and honesty

When asking the question “when interviewing for a leadership position which of the following characteristics are you looking for in a candidate?”, the response was the same with honesty being ranked the highest.

What makes a hospitality professional?

In the hospitality industry we have a tendency to recognise professionalism by the behaviour they show in dealing with their colleagues, in dealing with their customers and guests, and their general behaviour and presence, not by looking for membership or qualifications or a plaque on the wall.