How COVID-19 has changed society and consumers

In our report titled “Hospitality in the Post COVID-19 World”, author Professor Peter Jones MBA opened:

“The incredible revolution, disruption, discontinuity and change that the world is currently experiencing has never been seen before at this scale and speed. It has turned upside down our understanding of “normal”, it is changing our priorities and values, and will have a major impact on the way that we interact with each other for the foreseeable future.”

In this 15 minute podcast episode, we discuss the first two scenarios detailed in the report, Society and Consumers, exploring the continuing impact of COVID-19 on the hospitality and tourism industries.

We consider:

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  1. Whether society is changing to a stronger focus on health than wealth?
  2. Do consumers value hospitality more now than they did before the pandemic?
  3. Is hospitality doing enough to build consumer trust?

Guest: Prof. Peter Jones MBE

Click to play:

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Download the report “Hospitality in the Post COVID-19 World”.

This report should be read with caution! It is aimed at promoting detailed thinking, discussion and debate amongst hospitality professionals as to how best to move to a reset and long term resilience for hospitality in a Post COVID-19 World.

Hospitality in the Post COVID-19 World
Tags: Consumers, covid, Podcast, Society
Peter Jones

Academic Director, United Kingdom

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