The challenge of aligning a hotel group towards a shared vision

shared visionIn the world of hotel management, ensuring that every team member, from leadership to front-line staff, understands and embraces our vision is critical. This isn’t merely about operations—it’s about the essence of who we are and where we aim to be. In this blog post, I write about the importance of alignment, the challenges you as a CEO face, and strategies to navigate them.

Think about the word ‘captivate.’ It means to grab someone’s attention and make them super interested in what you’re saying or doing. We all know people who can tell a story or joke with everyone listening or someone so good at what they do we can’t help but watch. Our big story or idea is a ‘vision’ in hotels and businesses.

But here’s a tricky part: sometimes, only the top people in a hotel or company know this vision. They have an incredible secret, but they’re not sharing it with everyone. And that’s a problem because all team members, from the front desk to housekeeping, play a crucial part in a hotel.

Everyone has their dreams and reasons for coming to work each day. So, imagine if the hotel’s vision was something that not only guided the business but also resonated with everyone’s dreams. What if, instead of just a to-do list, the vision gave meaning to every task, showing everyone how their role contributes to the bigger picture and helps them achieve their personal goals?

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Let’s explore how making the vision clear and relatable can inspire everyone, make work more meaningful, and create memorable experiences for our guests.

The importance of a clear vision

In hospitality, every detail matters. Leading a hotel group requires vision to set direction, instill purpose, and shape identity.

Defining vision in the context of a hotel group

In hospitality, a vision represents our commitment to excellence, unique brand promise, and the distinctive experience we offer guests and team members. It’s the anchor, ensuring consistency and distinction across all properties.

The impact of a clear vision on the overall success of the hotel chain

  • Guest Satisfaction: Every traveler stepping into our hotels seeks more than just a place to stay; they seek an experience. A clear vision ensures this experience is consistent, memorable, and aligned with our brand’s promises. When guests recognize and resonate with our vision, loyalty and advocacy naturally follow.
  • Team Morale: For our team, the vision serves as a compass. It offers clarity, motivation, and a sense of purpose. When each member, from the housekeeping staff to the general manager, understands and believes in the vision, it cultivates a work environment marked by passion, pride, and proactive initiatives.
  • Bottom-line Results: A clear vision ultimately translates to tangible results. Hotels aligned with a well-articulated vision tend to witness increased bookings, higher guest retention rates, and positive reviews. Furthermore, operational decisions—from room design to marketing campaigns—become more streamlined and effective when aligned with the vision, leading to optimized expenditures and enhanced revenues.

In essence, a clear vision isn’t just a strategic asset; it’s the very soul of a hotel group. It shapes perceptions, drives actions, and determines the position in the competitive hospitality landscape.

Top 5 points to execute to reach the vision

Let’s examine the top five points to execute to reach the vision.

1. Consistent communication

In a hotel group, effective communication is critical for teams to stay aligned and motivated amidst daily operations.

The importance of regular updates and dialogue with all teams

Think of our vision as a baton in a relay race. For us to win, everyone needs to know where they’re headed and pass the baton smoothly to the next person. This means we all need to know what’s going on. By regularly checking in and updating everyone, we ensure we’re all working together in the best way possible.

Using all communication channels effectively

How we share information is just as important as what we’re sharing. Different people like getting updates in different ways. Some might prefer team meetings where everyone comes together, while others enjoy reading updates in newsletters. Then some appreciate a one-on-one chat to dive deeper into things. Using all these communication methods ensures everyone understands and feels connected to our big goal, no matter where they work.

2. Inclusive decision-making

In our hotel group, every individual plays a pivotal role in crafting our shared narrative. We believe the best decisions come from multiple perspectives, from the boardroom’s strategic vantage point to the frontline’s close-knit guest interactions. Inclusive decision-making enriches our choices and solidifies the bridge between our vision and its execution.

Involving representatives from different levels and departments in the decision-making process

At the core of our operations lies the belief that every voice matters. We ensure a holistic understanding of challenges, opportunities, and potential solutions by weaving in insights from various departments and levels. For instance, a housekeeper might provide invaluable insights into guest preferences, while a manager might shed light on the broader market trends. By bringing these voices to the decision-making table, we ensure our strategies are grounded in reality and geared for success.

Fostering a sense of ownership and commitment toward the company’s goals

Beyond the practical benefits, inclusive decision-making carries a deeper, more profound impact. When individuals see their ideas and feedback reflected in the company’s direction, it fosters a profound sense of ownership. They no longer perceive themselves as mere cogs in a machine but as valued contributors to our collective mission. This sense of belonging and significance naturally translates to heightened commitment and zeal toward the company’s goals. It’s not just about executing a directive from the top but playing an integral part in a shared dream.

3. Training and development

Our hotels’ success is built on our team’s skills and knowledge. Training and development are crucial for individual and collective growth in the dynamic hospitality industry.

Ensuring everyone has the skills and knowledge they need to fulfill their roles

Each hotel group member plays a unique and indispensable role, from the seasoned manager to the newly inducted staff. Ensuring they are armed with the latest skills, techniques, and knowledge is an investment in their personal growth and a direct contribution to our hotel’s excellence. Regular training sessions, workshops, and seminars are designed to address the specific needs of each role, allowing for a seamless blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application. In this way, we ensure that every guest’s experience is consistently remarkable and every challenge is adeptly handled.

The role of continuous learning and development in achieving the company’s vision

Our vision, while a guiding beacon, is not a static entity. As market dynamics shift and guest expectations evolve, so must we. Continuous learning and development ensure that we are not just reacting to changes but are proactively staying ahead of the curve. Every training module, every development session is a step closer to realizing our vision. Moreover, this perpetual growth and learning culture sends a clear message to our team – that they are valued, that their growth matters, and that together, as a cohesive unit, we are on a journey toward unparalleled excellence.

4. Feedback loops

In our hotel operations, every voice matters. Providing direction is essential, but listening is crucial. We create channels for feedback to resonate, echoing our team’s sentiments, ideas, and concerns. Feedback loops are the arteries of our organization, ensuring a two-way flow of information that keeps us agile, responsive, and continually evolving.

Creating systems where employees at all levels can provide feedback

For an organization to thrive, it must cultivate an environment where every voice feels heard. We’ve worked diligently to establish systems – be it digital platforms, suggestion boxes, or regular town-hall meetings – where team members from all echelons can freely share their feedback. This inclusive approach ensures that we capture a 360-degree view of our operations, gleaning insights from those on the ground and those shaping strategies. Whether it’s an innovative idea from a junior staffer or constructive criticism from a department head, these feedback channels guarantee that every perspective is considered.

Recognizing and addressing concerns, ideas, or suggestions in real-time

Feedback, no matter how valuable, loses its efficacy if not acted upon promptly. Our commitment goes beyond collecting feedback – it extends to recognizing its worth and addressing it in real-time. Rapid acknowledgment and action optimize our operations and reinforce trust within our teams. When employees see their suggestions implemented or their concerns addressed, it fosters a profound sense of belonging and confidence in the organization’s leadership. It underscores the message that their contributions genuinely matter, creating an environment of mutual respect and collaborative growth.

5. Reward and recognition systems

Our hotel group’s success is thanks to our team’s tireless efforts, innovative ideas, and unwavering commitment. We recognize and reward our employees’ contributions to foster alignment, motivation, and a shared pursuit of our vision, much like gardeners tending to their plants.

Highlighting the importance of recognizing and rewarding those who actively contribute toward the company’s vision

Every gesture and extra mile our employees take plays a role in bringing our vision to life. From the receptionist who goes above and beyond to make a guest feel at home to a manager who implements a transformative strategy, each contribution is a building block of our collective success. Our reward and recognition systems are designed to shine a spotlight on these efforts, not just as a token of appreciation but as an affirmation of their significance. Awards, bonuses, public commendations, or even simple thank-you notes remind us of our value of proactive contributions and exemplary performances.

How recognition and rewards motivate others to align their efforts with the organization’s goals

A ripple effect permeates the organization beyond the immediate recipients of rewards and recognition. It is a potent motivator when employees witness their peers being acknowledged for aligning with the company’s vision. It sets a clear benchmark of excellence and offers a roadmap to those aspiring for similar recognition. This environment of appreciation creates a virtuous cycle: as more individuals align their efforts with our goals and earn recognition, it inspires even more to do the same. The result is a motivated, cohesive team where everyone is driven not just by personal growth but by the collective achievement of the organization’s vision.

Overcoming frustrations in leadership

Leading a multifaceted hotel group is like conducting an orchestra. Each section and instrument has a unique rhythm and melody, and bringing them together harmoniously is both the challenge and beauty of the role. Frustrations naturally arise when aligning diverse groups, but navigating these challenges showcases authentic leadership.

Discussing the natural frustrations that arise when trying to align diverse groups

Diversity, while a strength, can also be a source of challenges. Different departments have varied priorities, perspectives, and ways of working. The finance team might be concerned with budgets and bottom lines, while the hospitality team focuses on guest experiences. These differing viewpoints can sometimes lead to friction, misunderstandings, or even competing agendas. Moreover, individuals come with unique backgrounds, experiences, and expectations, adding another layer to the complex puzzle of alignment. Such diversity is the lifeblood of our hotel group, but it also brings about inevitable frustrations in trying to orchestrate a unified direction.

The importance of patience, persistence and Navigating the intricate maze of leadership frustrations demands a trinity of virtues: patience, persistence, and understanding.

  • Patience: Every new initiative or change takes time to be understood, adopted, and integrated. Patience allows leaders to give their teams the space to adapt, learn, and grow while allowing them time to see the fruits of their efforts.
  • Persistence: In the face of resistance or setbacks, the unwavering commitment to the vision keeps the momentum going. Leaders must continually reiterate the importance of the shared goal, reinforcing its significance at every juncture.
  • Understanding: Empathy is perhaps the most potent tool in a leader’s arsenal. Taking the time to listen and truly understand each team and individual’s concerns and viewpoints creates a foundation of trust. When employees feel understood and valued, they’re more likely to align with the company’s vision and objectives.
In conclusion, while frustrations in leadership are an intrinsic part of the journey, they also offer invaluable lessons and opportunities for growth. By approaching them with patience, persistence, and understanding, leaders can transform challenges into catalysts for progress.

Looking ahead

Aligning an organization, particularly a hotel group, is an ongoing journey. The constantly changing landscapes of the business, guest expectations, and global dynamics present challenges and opportunities for our alignment efforts.

Emphasizing the ongoing nature of alignment efforts

Alignment isn’t a destination but a continuous path of recalibration, learning, and growth. As our market evolves, new technologies emerge, and our teams diversify, our strategies must be adaptable and resilient. The vision might remain steadfast, but the routes we take, the methods we employ, and the milestones we set will inevitably shift. This dynamic nature underscores the importance of regularly revisiting our alignment strategies, ensuring they remain relevant and impactful.


Alignment in leadership is like a critical thread in a big cloth. It turns a group of people into a strong team, all working together to make a big dream come true. Top leaders need to share this dream with everyone, from the managers to the workers on the ground. This might sound tricky, and there are challenges, but it all comes down to one thing: everyone needs to be on the same page.

The road ahead might be bumpy with surprises and challenges. But that’s what makes the journey exciting. Every problem we solve, and goal we reach brings us closer to our dream. And when we all work together, side by side, we can make significant changes happen.

To all the leaders out there, let’s face challenges head-on, learn from them, and keep moving forward. When we’re all on the same page, our future doesn’t just look good; it shines bright.

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