How hotels will change post-pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic is changing everything about how we live, enjoy the best getaways, and even travel. Airlines aren’t the only side of the travel industry that is being hit by the pandemic. Hotels and other accommodations are also straining until it’s safe to travelagain. While some are still operational and even providing rooms for first responders and those in need, others have remained closed due to the pandemic.

Below are some of the changes we expect to see in hotels post-pandemic.

Stricter sanitation practices

Daily housekeeping services probably won’t be available. Guests, such as the ones at the Four Seasons in New York City, are given separate bags to place their dirty linens, towels, and garbage. They then inform the front desk when they are ready to have their bags collected, avoiding contact between guests and employees.

Some hotels are using technology to keep their rooms clean. The Westin Medical Centre Hotel in Houston is the first hotel to use robots to sanitize and disinfect surfaces with UV lighting. This tech has previously only been applied to medical facilities.

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Hotels will need to guarantee that they’re devoted to the cleanliness and safety of their employees and guests. We may see hotel scrutinies that precisely look into how hotels are keeping clean.

More automation

Expect to see more technology being applied in the check-in and check-out process. For example, the Hilton hotel already has an app that allows you to use your smartphone to check-in, choose your room, and use it as a room key without any human interaction. We may see increased use of smartphones (instead of cards or cash) to pay for any services, order meals, or other hotel services, and make any upgrades.

Closed spas, gyms, and other utilities

Comparably to food and beverage services, gyms, spas, swimming pools, and other amenities are likely to shut down temporarily or be limited in the services offered. However, hotels such as Westin, who already have tools available for check-out, may still be able to provide
some assistance. Another prospect is having designated time slots for guests to use the gym. Either way, look forward to these services being reintroduced.

Reduced bar, restaurant and coffee services

Some hotels may have closed or controlled their food and beverage services, like some IHG properties. On the other hand, some hotels have pre-made meal boxes on offer, which can be an alternative when nothing else is available.

Temperature checks

Some hotels, particularly those hosting the medical community, are also requiring temperature checks before being allowed into the hotel. The Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas have thermal cameras for guests and employees to monitor any fevers. Some Millennium Hotels
have infrared thermometers at reception desks for staff and guests. If staff or guests have a fever, they’re not allowed into the hotel.

Social distancing and masks

Many hotels have affirmed that they will impose social distancing by removing chairs and placing markers to help keep gusts apart. Moreover, some hotels may require guests to wear masks in common areas.

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