Travelodge launches dual workplace student recruitment program with 3,000 jobs to fill

On average students are forking out £20,000 annually for the privilege of studying and working to make ends meet has become a necessity

Today, Travelodge, the UK’s first branded budget hotel chain, which operates over 560 UK hotels, launches a new dual workplace program offering 3,000 jobs (2,200 permanent positions and 800 summer season jobs across the UK) to Britain’s 2 million students who are struggling to make ends meet.

This bespoke program is the first of its kind to offer students a permanent job with flexible working hours designed around their study program in their university and home locations. It also offers a work buddy and access to the in-house management development program called Aspire, so that students can expand their skill set whilst studying.

In today’s world, the average British student is forking out nearly £20,000 annually for the privilege of furthering their education. This equates to around £9,500 for tuition fees and around £10,680 to cover the cost of living. Therefore it’s not surprising that eight out of ten students have to work part time in order to survive.

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If a student worked around 24 hours a week at Travelodge they could earn around £10,000 per annum, enough to meet average living expenses.

This scheme also supports Travelodge’s parent’s program which was launched earlier this year. The summer school holidays are a challenging time for working parents however it’s a key working period for students. Therefore the Travelodge parents and student recruitment program provides a win-win solution.

With 560 hotels across the length and breadth of the country, there is a Travelodge hotel close to most of the UK’s major universities and colleges giving students easy access to work at a Travelodge close to where they study and then transfer their job to a hotel closer to home during the holidays.

Travelodge has 3,000 jobs that need to be filled this summer this includes 2,200 permanent positions and 800 summer season jobs across the UK. Positions include roles in reception, restaurants and housekeeping.

To design this new initiative, the hotel chain surveyed 1,500 of its student employees to gain further insight into the student recruitment pool of talent. Key findings revealed that 62% of students are working between 8 to 24 hours per week to make ends meet. Over half (51% of studying adults reported that working is essential in order to fund their studying. Eight out of ten (80%) students reported that working at Travelodge is not just a job but it is helping to them to enhance their skill set and gain invaluable real team work experience.

Peter Gowers, Travelodge, Chief Executive said:

“Today’s students have to study harder than ever and meet the rising costs of education. With more than 560 hotels across the UK, Travelodge is uniquely placed to offer you a role in your university location during term-time and in your home town during the vacation. Our new student program gives you flexibility during your studies and the potential to build a longer-term career after graduation – a better way to earn while you learn.”

Detailed below is an outline of Travelodge’s student’s recruitment program

  1. Flexible working hours designed around the student study program
  2. Flexibility to transfer your job between hotels close to home and school
  3. Full range of company benefits including discounted hotel stays
  4. Comprehensive training and a work buddy
  5. Opportunity to join the Travelodge Aspire Management Program

All jobs will have guaranteed hours and comprehensive benefits including discount hotel stays. Students will be eligible to join the company’s Aspire management program, which supports them to build the skills needed to take on their first management role.

This can help new entry-level team members get into a management role at Travelodge within a year of joining the company, offering further significant salary and development progression.

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