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eLearning key to maximise hotel profit during post-covid recovery

Maximising hotel profit during this post-Covid recovery requires a focus on the three core areas: customer satisfaction, increasing revenue and controlling costs. Key to achieving these objectives is strong leadership supported by a motivated, highly-skilled team – all of which can be bolstered through online continuous professional development.

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Is UK hospitality education buckling under pressure?

As both further and higher education come under unprecedented financial pressures, the impact on hospitality programmes in the UK is alarming. Professor Peter Jones FIH has done the research and reports on some worrying trends.


4 things Millennials can bring to your hospitality business

Millennials can bring so much to the hospitality business. They have excellent education, a knack for content producing and natural fluency with technologies. They are also exceptionally career-oriented and ready to work hard to achieve their goals.


Hospitality Financial Leadership – Engage their hearts and minds first

Getting your hotel leadership team excited about accounting is like someone thinking it’s fun to go to the dentist. Your average person wants nothing to do with it because they have a predisposed notion that it’s yucky, boring and better left for someone who has a hard time walking and talking at the same time.

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