What’s the number 1 issue keeping hoteliers awake at night? - Insights

What’s the number 1 issue keeping hoteliers awake at night?


Last month, we asked eHotelier readers what was keeping them awake at night: what are the main issues that hoteliers consider their biggest challenges ahead of 2020? More than 3500 readers responded, and the answer might surprise you. 

While digital marketing and customer demands were identified as strong concerns for readers, staffing issues emerged as the most challenging issue for contemporary hoteliers, with 15.32% of the vote . In survey comments, readers cited “How to retain employees”,  “How tell people to be more agile”, and “Optimizing on operational efficiency and productivity” as key concerns. One reader summed industry’s most pressing challenges well: “Squeezing margins with increased market supply, rapidly increasing labor rates and difficulty hiring, large increases in taxes, utilities and insurance costs.”

Do you agree that staffing is the no. 1 challenge in the hotel industry? What are you and your management team doing to manage and retain staff?

At eHotelier we believe training and professional development is the key to retaining staff. Through training, staff develop the skills, efficiency and professional identities necessary to thrive within the hotel industry. eHotelier Academy offers online training and certifications for the hospitality industry, by industry experts. Unlike other training providers, we offer training across all departments and divisions. Whether you manage a Rooms Division or Front Desk or Food and Beverage team, there are a range of courses and certifications to support staff progress. Check out the full catalogue here, or talk to us about our enterprise subscriptions. 

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