How on-demand staffing helps hotel recovery

While we want to see our hospitality colleagues back to work as quickly as possible, owners will be overhead-challenged for the foreseeable future and need to rethink how to reorganize their businesses. Enter on-demand staffing for independent hotels.

on-demand staffing

Creating and using staffing guides

A staffing guide allows owners and managers who supervise the hotel to see at a glance what the staffing levels are and it serves to help department managers see and understand the staffing plan. With turnover, this is a critical tool for continuity.

staffing guide

Hospitality can be a force for positive social change

It takes a different mindset to see opportunity when facing the reality of the disadvantaged and marginalised, but the mainstream hospitality industry needs to recognise that they offer a wide range of different talents – talents that with the right nurture and support can make loyal, enthusiastic and committed employees.

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