What you need to know about ancillary revenue

Oaky LowkeyWelcome to episode #5 of LowKey Hospitality Podcast, our easygoing sessions for hotel professionals where we chat about industry trends, issues and solutions.

This episode features a special guest Pere Estela, the Global Ancillary Director from Iberostar and Oaky’s CEO & Co-founder Erik Tengen.

We will discuss:
What is hotel ancillary revenue, and what does a Global Ancillary Director do?
Why should every hotel have a strategy around ancillary revenue?
Where to start when devising an ancillary revenue strategy — from the guest or hotel needs?
What are key ancillary revenue streams for Iberostar, and how do they optimise them?
How will ancillary revenue streams change over time?

Tags: ancillary revenue, Oaky, Podcast, TRevPAR



Oaky is a hyper-personalised upselling software that helps hotels boost revenue through enriched guest experience and branding.

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