Sertifi releases next-generation platform to reimagine agreement processes for hospitality

Sertifi agreements platformSertifi, developers of a complete agreements platform used by over 17,500 hospitality, event, and travel companies, announced the release of its next-generation platform.

Users now have access to a reimagined experience designed to further increase efficiency and convenience across e-signature, payment, and credit card authorization processes.

“Delivering an outstanding experience is a top priority for our users,” said Nick Stojka, co-CEO of Sertifi. “We’re excited to reduce friction and create more value not just for our clients but the customers they work tirelessly for – and it’s just the start of the user-driven innovation to come.”

The next-generation platform creates efficiencies across the entire agreements experience:

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  • Less Time on Process: Get more done faster with a modernized experience, fewer clicks, less menu hopping, improved search functionality, and actionable insights from a new dashboard and detailed reporting. New e-forms let you customize your forms for any situation and present a more modern, mobile-friendly signing experience to your customers.

Less Time Chasing Down Agreements and Payments: Simplify your customer’s experience with clearer portal navigation and task assignments, automatic reminders, form auto-fill functionality, document markup tools, document upload capability, and in-portal messaging.

  • Less Time Onboarding New Team Members: An intuitive UI makes it easier to get new employees up and running quickly. Clearer steps and task status insights, paired with new and improved on-demand learning, help new users see value faster.

Enjoying a better agreements experience isn’t new for Sertifi users, as evident by Sertifi’s high rankings and 10/10 reviews on Hotel Tech Report. As user requirements and behavior evolve, so must the platform. The reimagined experience is just one step to taking productivity to the next level.

To learn more about Sertifi’s next-generation agreements platform, click here.

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Sertifi provides a complete agreements platform used by tens of thousands of hospitality and travel businesses in more than 135 countries.

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