Happy Hoteliers – how employee wellbeing at your hotel benefits everyone

#OakyWellnessWeek expert talk by HealthyHospo

Working in the hospitality industry can put a lot of pressure on your body and mind, and your team is not an exception. Join us for an expert talk by Tim Etherington-Judge, co-founder of Healthy Hospo to learn about the influence of your employee wellbeing on the success of your business.

In the talk we will discuss:

👉 Employee wellbeing in hospitality and why it is important to care for your team
👉 Easy tips to apply at your hotel and long-term wellbeing
👉 How to adapt technology to help your team

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Event details: 
15 Sept : 16:00 CET
Expert Talk: Happy Hoteliers – how employee wellbeing at your hotel benefits everyone.
Followed by a attendee Q&A in the virtual space
Oaky wellness
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